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  1. on a different tangent - does anyone remember going to Wall when Cole and Leroy absolutely tortured them on a hot April day? Went to the wire a little because of a Ray Atteveld own goal volley from 20-yards, but it was one of those matches that made you feel so optimistic for the next season. Brilliant atmosphere from us, under that dark old roof next to the pylon and yellow barbed fences. Cider monsters bouncing around, ooooh, doobie doobie doo Did many stupid things in my youth, but going to the Old Den was one of my wiser decisions. Possibly the greatest stadium I've visited!
  2. Love him to bits - gave pride back to the club after a few dud years and did so in style. More so, I think he was the last manager of "our old club", that is before we became a modern-minded sporting institution playing inside an arena. Didn't agree with his sacking at the time, but in hindsight, despite being one of the more nostalgic people on this page, probably worked out for the best given the way we have consolidated our status as a Championship club. He was brilliant at the time for us and has my enduring respect and admiration, but to be honest if we're going to play a "what if" scene i'd rather ask "what if we'd kept Benny another season". What ifs are futile in all walks of life and should not be entertained unless you're smashed and in the grip of a deep melancholia (though don't get me wrong, would be fascinating to have the power to know "what if" and know all the possible outcomes! Essentially, restarting Champ Manager)
  3. But on the flip side, also a greater number of top fellas. The random acts of kindness you sometimes get at football are priceless. So many times been helped out by total strangers in far flung places (and, hopefully, I like to think have returned the favour to others). Even the bad people at football are capable of goodness and it's a little unfair to think otherwise unless actually supporting such claim.
  4. Very boring, I was hoping for juicier stories. Instead, sounds like a few dozen lads aged 16-25 ran around for a bit and shouted at each other.
  5. There have been a few times when I have ended up in a wrong end, and it's just plain common sense to keep everything zipped, even "in this day and age". Rightly or wrongly, anyone who does otherwise really should not complain about any consequences suffered!? And in fairness, a hefty clip around the ear is the worse that will happen now. Unnecessary yes, unexpected no. But rarely, I am in complete agreement with you
  6. Ooh, run out of my daily ration of likes but spot on. As noted by some above, too many clubs translate the term 'museum' to mean 'trophy room' but in all truth only the imagination limits the scope of such. The warm memories occasionally shared on here are ample reflection on how storied this club is and a celebration of those memories would mean so much more than our meager selection of tin pots. And of course, Buster's t-shirt as suggested by @Bristol Rob should take pride of place! And the more maverick and eccentric the better - a corner for Beryl or Divvy or similar fan legends would be astonishing. Hell, a lifesize diorama featuring a chunk of the old East End to allow fans past and present to stand on a ten square meter recreation of the old EE whilst footage of the Forest semi is projected in front (cider smells wafted out to complete the immersion)! The sky is the limit! And I'm not being tongue in cheek here. Across the world museums, galleries and cultural spaces are revolutionizing themselves and daring to be different. Imagine if a football museum did the same! And imagine if it was ours!
  7. wasn't the strange piano music The Red Red Robin? Very jaunty tune from memory that seemed to completely disconnect with everything else
  8. As you say, the police lost control - this was their cock-up. Matches against Swansea have usually had a bit of bite, and it's quite unbelievable that the police lost control. Who knows, maybe they did so on purpose to get a load of lads on camera and hand out a new batch of banning orders? Either way, if it's numbers you're afraid of, then maybe we should just limit Ashton Gate to 5,000. We have a great stadium - let's bloody well use it, and yes, that means giving away fans their rightful due as well. As for the terrible publicity? How do you mean? We've hardly had a black mark held against us. It got fleetingly mentioned in the press, that was it. I don't see players not joining us because of it, or kids cowering in terror at the prospect of watching us. Even in modern times, handbags happen at football, but that's all it pretty much was. Whilst I wasn't there, having viewed the footage and heard from several people who were, it doesn't hold a candle to many of our past fixtures with Swansea. As for this 'home advantage' you go on about, that point is discussed elsewhere and doesn't really hold much water.
  9. The crazy thing is: there's people on here saying that we don't deserve to be seventh because we're crap, other people saying we should be getting promoted were it not for the incompetence of our management, other threads fearing for our promotion because we'd go straight down if such occurred, and not too-distant threads saying we were dead certs for a relegation battle. Taken as a whole, and to steal an easy phrase, the lot of us are more confused than scooby doo - I'm not surprised our team is inconsistent when we can't figure out where we should be ourselves
  10. Couldn't agree more, and I'm sure players (ours included) would back that. I can't understand any fan who would prefer to watch football in a muted atmosphere than a packed house going hell for leather to back their sides. Further, I think historically the home fans at AG have always responded brilliantly well to a big away following and our players likewise. It adds a sense of occasion and a sense of buzz, unbelievable so many don't recognize that!
  11. It's a strange one, actually baffling, that we attract so much negativity. I realize that as football fans we tend to look at the glass as being half empty, but this season has taken fan (over)reaction to new heights (or depths, whichever you prefer). Mid-Feb, six points off second - we are there not because there's been some awful mistake in the calculations, we are there on merit. Whether or not we stay there will likewise be decided on merit. Even by this league's own bizarre standards, it's been absolutely bonkers when it comes to teams finding consistency - this is not a problem exclusive to us, and it's stupefying that so many people haven't noticed this. The fact is, there aren't many teams that are all that much better than us (though we did run into one on the weekend, and face another one in a few days) but there are many teams on a pretty even keel which makes for some remarkable results. There will be further dips, much like there will be further highs. Given the players we've sold over the years, given the size and history of some of the clubs we are facing, given their resources, we're doing bloody well to even be having this chat. It feels like I've seen it all though now: people moaning that we're higher in the table than we should be just about takes the biscuit.
  12. That's easy to say, but is it the truth - loads of people like to give out that they'd be happy for mid-table if it meant entertaining football but am I the only one that remembers the total meltdown that occurred when we drew 5-5 against Hull. It doesn't get anymore entertaining than that, yet it sparked mutiny from many. How did you react after that game, out of interest? As for the entertainment this season, is it really that bad? Goals for and against tell a different story. We've had some dismal duds, sure, but is it really that bad that people would rather see us mid-table as opposed to seventh (and still within touching distance of the pack) so long as 'it was more entertaining'. Are we just spoiled by saturation coverage of the mega-clubs like Liverpool, Man City, Barca etc? This isn't criticism of your post btw, genuine questions.
  13. That's football for you. Would rather have the odd decision go against us than live in a VAR world. All evens itself out in the end and human error does more than play its part in the natural excitement of the sport. And let's be totally honest, if there's one game we didn't deserve something, this was it.
  14. Yes and yes! Knew him only by face but genuinely a real terrace hero for a callow teen like myself, and was deeply saddened to read about his death online and finally put a name to a face. A very vocal supporter who seemed larger than life. Lads like him really made the Open End what it was and memories of him leading us in song still ring bright and fresh. For some reason, I always remember him leading a protest against Jimmy Lumsden, bellowing out full voice "WE WANT FOOTBALL". An absolute viking. I think there was a thread about him on here after he died and he was held in very high regard by all who knew him. That his legendary status extended to people such as myself who didn't know him personally says much for the full throttle passion that emanated from him. RIP
  15. Given that they've utterly taken the mickey for 12 years, the punishment feels extraordinarily light, even more so when you consider the likelihood of this punishment being reduced even further on appeal. A fry cry from the days when many neutrals liked them!
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