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  1. if it's Pulis, I think I'm done with the club, at least until he's gone. Still, would really be a reminder to some that you should be careful for what you wish for. Those thinking that LJ would be replaced by Eddie Howe need their heads checked.
  2. So much about closed doors football terrifies me not least for the precedents it sets: on the lesser end, exactly this - crowd noise being pumped in. As our fan power and need for physical presence is reduced, the power of TV companies and money men becomes all the greater. We will get a situation in a few years time when the FA Cup final is played abroad because the fans no longer mean anything, of that much I'd bet my last pound. Dark forecasts, but no good can come from any of this!
  3. Signs are that the virus globally is generally weakening (which, incidentally, some are arguing as a possible indicator this was man-made in the first place), but in short, everywhere, without consciously doing so, is reverting to the Swedish model by easing their lockdowns. Through a mixture of factors that include virus fatigue and the need to restart our economies, Europe is now playing a high risk game that stands to un-do the good work that was achieved through its stringent lockdowns. Having all been terrified of the risks associated with herd immunity, we've gone that path and the scene
  4. Personally am strongly of the opinion that I'd rather have no football than games behind closed doors, but wouldn't it be something if Benik fired us to Wembley!
  5. There, someone said it - I'm a recent convert having skipped listening for ages simply because I assumed it it would be a cobbled together bore. My humble, most grovelling apologies, therefore, to the OSIB team. Immensely enjoyable, each show I've listened to has been nothing short of ten out of ten. Brilliant stuff, and I'm genuinely left feeling a prat for having such misguided preconceptions. The hat has been eaten!
  6. First time I've listened to this, a really enjoyable listen.
  7. I remember one Greg Goodridge performance against Millwall in the cup when he tore them to shreds - it was an outstanding performance that goes forgotten. Andy Cole in the 5-1 against Cardiff in the cup was different class. Even blindfolded you could tell he was destined to become a huge name. And what about this for a random choice: Junior against Liverpool at AG. Bloody hell he gave them absolute hell, from memory he absolutely blinded them with his pace. And the highest scoring game I've seen, the 9-2 against, admitedly, St. Albans, where I think Agostino banged four or fiv
  8. apparently genuinely very feisty is there rivalry with Gillingham, dates from a match in the 70s i think. Love a random, weird hatred!
  9. Same here, I've always just thought of them as a local-ish team so the chance of a bigger attendance both home and away - but a rival, no way! I consider Millwall more a rival! I think there's a temptation to invent rivalries when you're deprived of your more traditional derbies, and that's kind of happened over the course of this century. I'm not buying it!
  10. In all seriousness, it's not something I take any joy in hearing. No matter how much you dislike a club (and I even include the gas in this), not only are livelihoods at risk but also something deeper, that being the sacred emotional bond fans have to their clubs (no matter how distasteful that club might be to us). Wouldn't wish for anyone to crash out of existence, and with our history we should know better than most!
  11. If my memory serves me correctly (and there's no guarantee it does), then my mate even had a few pints with you the evening we lost to the gas 4-0 as I'm certain I remember him telling me at school the next day (blimey, it really is a long time!) how he bumped into you at a Carter concert later that night!? I've had a few chats with you but never knew your name and vice versa (I also worked in the coronation tap when I was 18 or so and remember chatting to you a few times in there!).
  12. Haha, we spoke on one thread a few months ago about how we must have stood in the open end right next to each other, have just worked out now exactly who you are And yes, we did stand right next to each other (my mate I'd go down with was also into Carter USM )
  13. great player at Forest, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who thought he would be a perfect fit for Liverpool - didn't work out like that and his career seemed to progressively sink deeper with each year. Hard to fathom why as he was such a tidy player with a great football brain. As a manager I'm sure we're still to see the best of him.
  14. when will people learn that skips and football don't mix well reminds me of the Charlton match
  15. Well put and I would be otherwise in total agreement were it not for the one nasty story that does the rounds (sorry to be vague, but I don't want to get booted off here for repeating it!)
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