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  1. I'm struggling to remember Malone's classic soundbytes. I was certain he once said something like, "Junior Bent - and he is you know" but just googled about and found it was actually more along the lines of: "Junior Bent - a likely name"
  2. My favourite memory of him was singing till we were hoarse, over and over again, We All Agree Roger Malone is a ****** He used to irritate me to bits, but with the benefit of hindsight I now view him as one of the great characters of the era - passionate but eccentric and a million times superior to the standard commentator today.
  3. Something does have to give and I think it was always obvious that the damn would eventually burst - I never thought a pandemic would be that straw but I reckon there's a good chance that the house of cards will come tumbling: essentially because covid-19 has such far-reaching implications across all walks of life and all industries in every single country. Maybe i'm being overly catastrophic, but there's surely a good chance that it could stand to cripple modern football as we know it (which in all honesty, isn't a bad thing). Even the power clubs that hold the aces stand to be effected - what importance will a sporting vanity project now hold with a sheikh or oligarch that's seen his business interests take a hearty kick in the nuts. Interesting times ahead of us, who knows, maybe this is a catalyst that sees football returning to its roots... On a tangent, it's great to see how irrelevant these millionaire footballers genuinely are when compared to the real everyday heroes we've seen emerge across the globe - the doctors, the scientists, and crikey, this deluge of volunteers that the NHS has had. These are the real heroes worthy of the giant salary!
  4. plunging the barrel, there's been calamities aplenty. Palace away getting tanked 4-1. IRC we's taken 8,000 to Liverpool a couple of weeks ago, but for this match normal service resumed and we couldn't have had more than 200 on that sweeping, open end at Selhurst - I believe the away pen used to hold 4,500 so wow, there was more social distancing than found on the Moon. I was in my final year at school that year, so remember skiving the Tuesday to go up to London with a couple of friends and spend the afternoon monkeying around Soho before the football ruined everything. Sleet and goals flying in at all angles and that bloody awful lime kit. Utterly miserable, though I recall a (very) small huddle of us singing You'll Never Walk Alone for no real reason other than it seemed wrong to sing City songs during such a diabolical night. Masochists as football fans are, getting mauled at Brentford 5-1 was also a fun day out. Incredible following from us and, I think, possibly the debut of our purple and lime kit? I think Brian Mitchell put in the worst shift I have ever seen a City player put in. "Mitchell, **** off home," went the song over and over again. Great backing from us, with loads of Doobie Dooing and Let's Go *ing Mental throughout and again, just one of those matches you love as a teen - sod the football, a great laugh and a piss-up in the smoke! We had the last laugh as well by relegating Brentford on the last day of the season in the return fixture.
  5. the 4-3 televised game at Derby County was fabulous: had it all and more - the bizarre Baseball Ground as the venue; a cramped terrace; red cards; comedy own goal; an outfield player in goal; and a last minute winner from the head of our Wayner. Cue a storm of rocks and rubble. An electric atmosphere with us coming back after going 2-0 down to moneybags Derby; as a young teen it was of course my duty to be up by the fence closest to the home fans and the atmosphere was just electric. I seem to remember, while he wasn't playing that match, we spent a fair while turning around 'doing the Dziekanowski', because that's what it was all about Another few randoms I fondly recall: Birmingham away 1-0. It was their first match under the pornographers and that bimbo, so it was a bumper crowd on a blazing day. Massive following from us on that giant terrace, and a flukey win where you're just hanging on by the fingertips. A proper cider army we had up there that day as well! Millwall in 92 I think. My one and only trip to the Real Den and what a ground that was. That was middle of our mini-Dennis Smith escape. Cole looked world class, and Ray Atteveld scored one of the goals of the season. Unforunately for the wrong side, but a cracking effort regardless A match where the terrace was probably only a third full, yet the noise under that roof we made was fabulous. A real proper day out! Can't imagine what it must have been like in the 80s!!
  6. Flew in that morning and got so smashed I passed out for much of the game
  7. It's no exaggeration to say that practically every single hooligan gang in Poland has mobilized to raise money for their respective local hospitals. I've said many times in differing circumstances on this page, that having an unsavoury hobby does not necessarily make you a bad person and have been slammed by several who prefer to think in black-and-white. But there is much heartening evidence of great kindness from unexpected sources, and it's made all the warmer given these wild, strange times. It gives food for thought when thinking of the sheer selfishness of some.
  8. The government (and other governments the world over) do not have the resources to bail out everyone who will need help, so I like to think that there is a moral duty that those in positions of privilege and wealth have to help where they can. I am the complete opposite of a tub-thumping socialist, but there are times when as a society we need to be good to each other. This, clearly, is one such moment and I sincerely hope that those that have feasted from football over the years (whether they be players, owners, associations, TV companies, etc.), can come together and really show that 'the football family' is just that, and that the phrase is not simply a hollow platitude to be wheeled out when it suits. In this regard, my respect for Neville opening his hotels for 'the cause' is endless. It's not an exaggeration to say that how we deal with the situation will serve to define us as human beings, and I hope that we can hold our heads high once it eventually subsides. Equally, I hope i'm not being too idealistic.
  9. ha, the silver lining of a global catastrophe! In all honesty, it's actually really refreshing to think about LJ for the first time in over a week! On the topic itself, having wavered a couple of times this season, I would have liked to have seen how this season would have ultimately panned out were it not for recent developments - on the assumption it is cancelled or reformatted in some way, I think he does deserve a final shot with us. Just as a situation like this is an awful way for one of us to lose a job (and many of us will), the same rules apply to whatever field of employment you're in - football management included.
  10. Growing up in the 90s the pre-match pints were ALWAYS the Rising Sun, but most recently on the occasional trips back to see City my drinking has been dutifully done in The Orchard. love post-match doing the Orchard and then heading back to the centre via Wapping Wharf and The Louisiana before finishing up in The Apple, Duke and Volly. When I visit England, I'm always reminded of how magical our pub scene is in terms of its sheer atmosphere - you won't find better anywhere in the world. Wishing all our drinking establishments well in the months ahead.
  11. Problem is, pretty much every world leader is culpable and a staggering amount of countries have acted late - Italy being the prime example. But you can also refer to the delayed response of practically everyone in Europe. Don't get me started on the United States, and Trump's impersonation of King Canute. Despite all scientific proof to the contrary, people sat back and thought "oh, it'll never be that bad". Well welcome to big school. Boris has played a stinker so far, don't get me wrong, but you are barking up the wrong tree if you think he's the only one. On a global scale this has been grossly mishandled, and especially by the WHO - I think they've matched the League of Nations when it comes to fluff, flannel and hot air. The world will get through this, but panic and finger pointing are not the answer and have no place at this time.
  12. all the best to ya' mate - we're in state of emergency right now in Warsaw with everything shutdown and rumours of imminent curfew being introduced tomorrow - heard a mate of mine earlier carted off by the men in white coats and you can feel the city in a genuine state of panic and paranoia. This is a very real issue, and it's unbelievable people are still casual and offhand about it all - or worse, using it to point score and settle either political or personal agendas. We will get through this, but it needs concerted effort from absolute everyone. More so, we need to learn lessons - i.e. firstly, as a planet we learn to work collectively and effectively to respond to such situations in the future; and b, that our individual governments don't use every budget to slash the **** out of our emergency services. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  13. fair play to him - there's always that 'good German' isn't there
  14. suits the world cup in quatar nicely! the plot thickens!
  15. to be honest, i really don't give a toss about the difference between cancellation or postponement. This transcends football and should be treated accordingly. Watching from afar, am horrified by Britain's response to what is a major world crisis.
  16. Living on the other side of Europe, it's astonishing and alarming how quickly this has moved. Just on Saturday I was having a right blast at a completely nutty lower league match, rubbing my (disinfected) hands at the rich bounty promised by the rest of the season. Now... well... that's my last game for the god knows how long. Warsaw is in a complete state of paranoia with schools, cinemas and various institutions closed, streets deserted, strong rumours of an imminent city lockdown, etc. Dark times that I would be certain shall hit Britain within a short space of time - though, of course, i sincerely hope not. Personally though, whilst the economy the world is over is going to get completely torpedoed, I think the medical situation - a combination of the sheer amount of unknowns matched with the rapid and dynamic movement of this virus - is the most worrying aspect and I just hope that we can see this through without certain scenarios developing. I have no doubt that cancelling football is the right thing to do, and frankly if that means just drawing a line on the season and rendering it void, so be it - only draconian measures are going to stem this. I just hope that flipping bat soup was worth it
  17. That's not true and another indication of how limited public knowledge is. Some more facts that you might find useful before spreading more misinformation: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/09/can-a-face-mask-stop-coronavirus-covid-19-facts-checked https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/when-and-how-to-use-masks
  18. Jacki by a mile. Followed by Sooooooper Bobby Taylor. No-one else comes close to either.
  19. Trouble is, in the old days there was no 'concourse culture' because instead likeminded fans would gather behind the goal or wherever else in the ground and make merry there. If that wasn't your scene, you'd sit or stand elsewhere. Now you're not so much allowed to squeak inside a ground without getting turfed out. As a result, the concourse is now the outlet for the younger more boisterous element. If people were actually allowed to have a laugh in the stands it wouldn't happen. You can blame the clubs, police, stewards and law for this development in stadium mechanics, not a bunch of lads who just want to have a sing song and a bounce with their mates - that's all part of being young and supporting your team. Good on 'em.
  20. Well, that's not for me to decide, but seeing you've asked my personal opinion I'll share it Personally I would expect a player to demonstrate more restraint - however, I've no idea how i'd react in the heat of the moment, and would probably lose my head a little myself. But, i'm not a footballer being paid vast sums and idolized by a very wide fan base. I'm of the belief that such is the standing awarded to footballers nowadays (rightly or wrongly) they should really know better. However, they are human and prone to flip like the next man. There is a line that should not be crossed, and that includes wading into the crowd to have a crack at someone. It is pretty much the very worst thing a player can do at a match and should be punished accordingly. Like I mention previously, if a fan had gone to extreme lengths to get onto the pitch and have a crack at a player he would be hung, drawn and quartered. What Dier did was equally bad and could had very serious consequences. This should not be brushed over regardless of any mitigating factors.
  21. As an addition - I loved that season. Mad matches at times, great support away from home, good days - didn't realize at the time, but we were in the final days of football as we knew it! West Brom away - what a day!!! Nearly survived, that string of games at easter with pompey away, etc. If it weren't for that bloody ref against Birmingham at home, reckon we would have scraped it - and playing very decent football. CTID!
  22. That makes Fammy sound like he's not a nice bloke mind! From pretty much unanimous posts on here and beyond I was under the impression that Fammy was a top fella!?? That's not a pop btw! Back on topic - love this comparison, and I hope none of our more delicate fans think it's a racist thing! Ade was crazy good at times, and I think in this team he would totally thrive. Fams - love him, so glad that even in a season defined by backbiting among fans he has pulled many around. To credit both, you cannot fault their love and appetite for the game, nor their respect for the shirt they play in. Hat's off to both!
  23. That might be the case, but a footballer entering the stands in circumstances such as last night is clearly highly inflammatory and could have provoked serious unrest. He didn't wade into the stands to give his shirt to a kid, he jumped the hoardings and scaled over the seats specifically for the purposes of a confrontation. At the very least do his actions not constitute a breach of the peace?
  24. Hi Downend, I would emphatically agree with you, and it wasn't my intention to compare us directly to Villa given that they have really been very clearly cheeky in their approach to creative accounting and 'Brewster's Millions' spending strategy. And incidentally, though unrelated to your point, neither was it my intention to defend them should anyone think that! I find the whole financial side of football nowadays utterly bewildering and, frankly, hard to swallow. The obscene figures have definitely taken a shine from the game
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