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  1. Of course your fans are enthralled. Signing players is exciting and gives you hope. You’ve signed 19 so are going to be buzzing. No ones ever doubted Ashtons ability to get deals done - he signed many players here too and got our Fam base excited for the season ahead. That doesn’t mean this is a god thing though. Signing 10 players is too many in a window but 19?! Regardless of their quality, how is Cook meant to gel a team there and keep everyone happy. It’s bizarre. At BCFC, we’re now taking a different approach with Pearson being keen on a smaller, tighter, more competitive squad and we’re starting to see some positives with that now.
  2. Which I agree was class.
  3. Disagree slightly. Weimann did lose Flint easy peasy (due to a bad touch). The keeper should have come out and claimed or blocked weimann but was too slow. Flint was right to be cross at the keeper; it was his error not Flints. As for the second goal. That was just pure class from AW.
  4. Flint is limited, like all players at this level. His strengths and weaknesses are just a little clearer than other players, perhaps. Robbored is clueless. Saying a player’s ceiling is league 1 would be fair for players like Matty Taylor - not for Flint, who has played hundreds of games at championship level, for several teams and is still good enough. Mick wouldn’t play him otherwise. Fortunately for us, we got the better of him yesterday.
  5. Ridiculous. Pearson can push the narrative of City being easy street and unfit etc all he likes but the reality is Johnson had this squad competing for playoffs over several years. Holden had us top for a bit before tailing off. Pearson’s record is as bad if not worse than Holden’s yet everyone seems to be buying into his propaganda. To answer the original poster, no, absolutely not. Our club have (or should have) moved on from needing a relegation to ‘reset’. Anyone who believes that has been mugged off. Simply, our manager/head coach needs to do better and get us winning and as a club we need to recruit and ‘trade’ much better than we have in the last couple of years.
  6. No reasonable person expects us to be competing for the play-offs this season. They do expect us to avoid a relegation battle though. Pearson’s record is appalling. We may only be 3 games in but the worry is where on earth our wins are going to come from. People say Pearson won’t be sacked. Give it a month, two months when we still haven’t won (or have very few wins) and SL will be forced to make a decision again. Pearson won’t make it until Christmas. Anyone know if you can bet on him being first championship manager to get the sack? Hope I’m wrong but he’s not done enough for me to have faith in him, unlike others.
  7. Still injured?! Wtf is going on with this one?
  8. Peterborough - the next club to ‘over-take’ us. Watch this space.
  9. Agreed. Vyner has truly made the step up this season by establishing himself in the first team. Still massive question marks over Taylor Moore. He’s got the rest of the season, with Baker and Mawson out, to prove himself. However, I think this summer could be the end of the road for him at City.
  10. Howe. Not realistic though.
  11. Is that an emergency loan to fill the GK position on the bench or is he actually likely to start??
  12. B-Rizzle


    Agreed. He’s done pretty well. Nice to have the balance of a left sided player there too.
  13. Got to be loaned out. It’s not for long with less than 4 months of the season left. Let him go and play and then come back into the fold in the summer. One things for sure he’ll get zero game time now with the injured players on the mend.
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