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  1. And putting WD40 on the old tombola.
  2. The Long and Winding Road?
  3. Do you think they decided to use LJ's tombola but he's taken the key with him and won't return it?
  4. I think we're waiting for Bielsa to become available.
  5. Are you sure? She always seems quite willing to me.
  6. This sounds just like the Nketiah saga. And that turned out well.
  7. Rumours are they were lovers but he denies it.
  8. Dirty Diana as his assistant?
  9. cheese


    Some things will never change.
  10. Warnock? FFS - I have heard that this Covid-19 messes with people's brains but I didn't realise it was that bad!
  11. Will we get the sound of the seats banging at around 80 minutes to replicate the sound of the Dolman leaving?
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