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  1. The wife has asked me to ask you how to get a boost to my package?
  2. Not so much that it's inappropriate but more to do with I value my life.
  3. Have you been given a job by Quantuma?
  4. I'd just like to congratulate the Gas on their wonderfully successful season. I'm made up for them. Nah, not really, **** 'em.
  5. He's said it several times.
  6. Yes, I tried France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. However, Tor browser sorted it.
  7. I think I prefer dishonest views tbh
  8. Would it have an impact on non-league? Often, if I can't get to a City game I'll take in a game below step 7 depending on who's playing nearby. If I could watch City without a VPN instead I might be less inclined to do that.
  9. Now that Scunthorpe have been relegated out of the football league there are only two teams left with rude words within their name: Arsenal and the f.u.c.k.i.n.g Gas
  10. I'd be tempted to leave it a while - see what happens in the "Klose" season. IGMC...
  11. Bristol City. As in our Bri has just gone down the chippy.
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