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  1. Has he ever been to Ashton Gate? You know the rest...
  2. Does that not work then?? Oh well, onto plan H...
  3. Was 21 and playing in goal in a friendly at Bitton. Got clattered by a forward from a corner which hurt - but not half as much as when me mum tried to come onto the pitch to try and belt the guy with her umbrella!! In another game, I'd been winding up the oppo striker all game. We really should have lost but drew 0-0 thanks to their woeful finishing and I somehow got in the way of a couple too! Anyway, after the game, one guy tried to lamp me with a right hook and then another came into the dressing room and threw his boots at me - they weren't my size unfortunately!
  4. I expect he did when it was pointed out to him.
  5. I remember setting up my subbuteo teams in 2-3-5 formations. Mind you, we had a lot of injuries in those days too - mostly from my knee coming down on some poor player's head snapping him at the shins! Still, my medical team were handy with the glue.
  6. The text says a stand-in went in
  7. So more lies from Ashton then
  8. Have you seen the comedy of errors from the bottom of league 1? We've been bad but not as bad as that.
  9. I think we'll got out being banged rather than with a bang.
  10. I like the sound of English League of Football
  11. Gas fans support Man Utd fans by staging their own protest at the Mem.
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