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  1. The team was out for a Christmas party in 2004 when a fracas ensued between Tandy and Barton, who had dressed up as Jimmy Savile. All makes sense now the cigar was part of his Jimmy Saville costume.
  2. At the end of the article. The final total raised will be revealed on Saturday when Rovers host Swindon Town at the Mem, but it is a shame the organiser will not be allowed onto the pitch to deliver the cheque due to Safety Advisory Group concerns with local rivals in town. So they think Swindon fans are going to invade the pitch and steal the novelty cheque! Strange lot.
  3. Not sure if this has bern posted before, apologies if it has.
  4. Burn down the Twerton Hang the blessed JB Because the shite that they constantly play
  5. Even Wally is taking the piss now
  6. Haha I will never get the hang of this copying and pasting malarky
  7. So excited to be able to share this with you this morning @SkyFootball @EFL A journey that began with work experience at Sky in 2010 continues into what is a dream job for me... https://t.co/KgkiTBWRD5
  8. So many to choose, chuckled.at this one.
  9. Unfortunately if I remember rightly Darrell Clarke did it in the non league play off final, changed the keeper in extra time?
  10. At least their is one poster who talks sense on their forum Just shows how far ahead they are. Their ground is hosting play off finals and half of ours would blow away in a gale
  11. Still convinced its Gary Marshall next to Alan Walsh, then reread original post and was looking at the player next to Alan Walsh not the player next to Keith Waugh
  12. Has he been charged by the EFL for the offence, or will they wait for the courts verdit? Surely if found guilty by the courts then the EFL will have to punish him as well ,stadium ban etc (then again that won't be a punishment )
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