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  1. I play for a team on Saturdays. As I’m their only goalie, I couldn’t let them down.
  2. Celebrating that goal, on my own, in a packed pub in the heart of Hull City country. You can imagine how that went down.
  3. Safe travels fellow Reds. Just popped my head out of the window and it’s actually quite nice out round these parts. Sadly, won’t be there today due to my own sporting commitments but I’m sure the Hull fans on my own team will keep me updated on the score.
  4. Yes. They usually stock a very good selection of local ciders from Colemans (co-founded by a Somerset exile).
  5. I genuinely do not know where we go from here. (Other than the obvious…)
  6. Believe you me, folks in certain parts of Yorkshire detest folks from other parts of Yorkshire as much as they do non-Yorkshire folks. I know a lad who has a tatoo on his leg saying "**** all Wessies" (West Yorkshire people). I realise Barnsley and Sheffield aren't too far apart but I don't reckon they have much of an affinity!
  7. 21 years... Bought this as a reminder. It hangs "prowedly" on my wall.
  8. Having lived away from Bristol for so long, most of my conversations around footy are with fans of various clubs (Liverpool, Man Utd, Leeds Utd, Hull City, Burnley, Blackburn Rovers, to name a few...). I find there really is a sliding scale of knowledge, from those who have no regard whatsoever for any clubs outside of the Champions League spots to those who have in-depth insights into the Championship and below. With the former, you'll get "How did Bristol do at the weekend?" (which does annoy me a little, as it just displays their ignorance of anything below the Prem) and I usually jokingly reply with "Which one? City or Bears?". They also tend to use simply "City" and "United" to refer to the Manchester teams. With the latter, they might still refer to us as "Bristol" but will also often use "City" as well, as they know I use that term. At the end of the day, non West Country football fans will continue calling us "Bristol" long into the future, so we'd better get used to it!
  9. I think you mean Brislington? Bridlington Town are my local team (and were at home to Cleethorpes today). Nice little set up. I go and watch every now and then.
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