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  1. This. When I moved to Yorkshire, someone said to me “you must know all about Plymouth”. Erm, nope.
  2. What a day! I remember sitting outside a bar in Balham afterwards and a group of City fans spotting my shirt. Cue spontaneous chanting, singing & cheering. Much to the bemusement of the locals!
  3. And there was the notorious incident (around these parts, at least) when a Wolves fan fell through the roof at Scarborough in 1987. Ended up having to walk with the aid of crutches for the rest of his life.
  4. But to counterbalance this, people I’ve asked for autographs/photos with who were absolute gents include Lee Johnson, Jamie McAllister, Rob Newman & darts legend Wolfie Adams.
  5. A few years back, former England cricketer Ryan Sidebottom made a comment in the press about Boycott being rude when being asked to sign things. Yet, I remember 2 kids asking Sidebottom to sign an autograph when he was sub at an ODI match v New Zealand at the County Ground. He ignored them and then beckoned a steward over and told them to move the kids on. Double standards? (He wasn’t on the pitch at the time, by the way)
  6. I didn’t have to pay. Some nice City fan passed me a comp at the turnstiles.
  7. Ha! I’ve recounted this story before on OTIB, but back in 1998 (I think) I was joined on the train from Sheffield by a fellow City fan who must’ve been on cider No 15 by the time we reached Grimsby. He was that drunk, he never even made it to the match. We lost 1-2 in a mid-week game, despite a Soren Andersen goal. And were relegated.
  8. I remember a talented lad in my school being scouted by Norwich City back in the early 90s. Always seemed bizarre that a club from East Anglia would have scouts in Bristol. But perhaps therein lay the difference?
  9. I didn’t actually think it could get any more embarrassing than the last match. But there you have it...
  10. I agree. Angrier than I’ve been in a long time by that embarrassing performance and end to the match.
  11. Just got in from picking my eldest up and missed the goal by about 30 seconds.
  12. You’d lose sympathy for them too if they flooded your town every summer!
  13. Great time for my beer delivery to arrive on the doorstep!!
  14. I didn't hear that this morning. Although, I did find this cracking website: http://radio.garden/ So you can listen to our demise in multiple languages, should you wish!
  15. It was more the central spine, down from the Pennines to the Peak District that got a lot of snow. The Elland Rd pitch looked pretty dreadful recently.
  16. It’s a common misconception. But Accrington FC (a separate club and cross town rivals of Stanley) were founder members of the football league.
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