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  1. I remember him punching the ball in his own net vs Watford, not much else. Didn't help him we were a team in decline!!
  2. Back to your shithole, why don't you go home, sing the reading fans
  3. Suprised. Good manager, monet doesn't equal success, still have to train ,coach and pick a team. Wolves may be in trouble next year IMO.
  4. Adam El Abd, came with great reputation, had the turning circle of a tank. Scored og on his home debut if I remember right. made Tony Butler look like Tony Adams in his prime.
  5. What a joke, disgrace that glazer has the gumption to reference the 'wider football pyramid'. Let them go I say and let's have a proper competition.
  6. Interesting to see Thorpe, Peacock and Murray in there, what a strike force that was, should have been playing at a higher level than L1 no doubt.
  7. Can't win can he! Honest interview i thought. Confirms he is still the final decision maker.
  8. Wells has been played anywhere between left and right wing most of the season, no wonder he's ****** off and lost form. Plus we create 0 chances because, let's face it, this side is shiiit. The most turgid I've seen in 25 years of watching city, including O'driscoll and Mcinness. We could have Ronaldinho is his prime and make him look poor
  9. HNM came with much hype, maybe the pressure has been too much. Looks shot of any confidence we saw against reading in August 2019. Think he needs a loan to come back firing as he is talented and still young.
  10. Quoting conversations with current head coach about players, really unprofessional IMO
  11. If wells was on the pitch he's at the back stick tapping in that chance. I know we have injuries but I really have no idea what we are trying to play as, awful team at the moment.
  12. This is absolutely shocking; akin to Johnson ball. No one moving; no midfield; wooooosh.
  13. Similar to Webster; great signing; almost like having an extra midfielder when needed.
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