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  1. Just heard the start of the interview before it cut off. The guy clearly didnt want to be on; I get he was asked difficult questions but he showed a lack of regard to the fans from what I heard.
  2. For a hero...... Just thought I'd be the first; its inevitable in 3 -6 months it will happen.
  3. Would be happier if someone like Allardyce was DOF if we were appointing holden as HC. Allardyce is a quality manager; his teams get a bad rep but play relative attacking footy. Especially in this league. Would give great guidance to Holden and could step in if it's not working.
  4. Why would people listen to some random on Twitbook
  5. Wouldnt want the ignorant tool; plus he is past his best as a manager
  6. I can see LJ managing abroad for a bit; maybe Bundesliga 2.
  7. I think if Hughton was coming he would be here by now...
  8. Arent we supposedly going to confirm this today?
  9. Correct. To call Nazis socialist shows a lack of understanding of the term.
  10. excited about this; was the best choice from the beginning
  11. We will wait for Gerrard; miss out on Hughton as a result and end up with Davud Brent.
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