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  1. Wow. Took voluntary redundancy almost four years ago - Not heard 'Kaizen' since I left. Sent a shiver down my spine! Sat here in a cold sweat now
  2. Baker, Diédhiou, Benković Vyner, Williams, Afobe
  3. As St George says, I have actually had a reply from ....... Supporterservices@bristol-sport.co.uk ........ in the last week re refunds. Worth checking you have used this email address.
  4. If you do Twitter, send a tweet to Jerry - Bristol City SLO @BristolCitySLO He will advise I'm sure.
  5. Contacted Jerry on Twitter. He wrote this........ Hi, There's an issue for some supporters regarding the refund for the Preston game. It's still being looked into I believe.
  6. Same for me. Thought I would give them an extra working day. I have had 4 emails and 4 lots of cash reach my account. Was expecting 5 lots of cash (for 5 games). Anybody else missing cash?
  7. Johnson. Is he still here? I thought that was the reason OTIB was 'off the air'
  8. Halford was down for ages, right in front of me in the South Stand (Lansdown was bein built). When they brought oxygen on I thought it was bad. Then the guy goes off, I was wondering if I should sportingly clap. Blow me, what seemed like ten secs later he was back on the pitch running around and diving into tackles ! Also have fond memories of the "ghost goal". Warnock was just in front of me in The Enclosure. We all knew it was a legitimate goal and kept telling him
  9. Agree. Gary Owers does a cracking job on Radio Bristol (in my opinion).
  10. Can't disagree, but I think you got the gist of my post. Lee loves 'busy bees'.
  11. Yep, I bet Watkins will get a start.
  12. Expect to see 11 'busy bees' on Sunday.
  13. After they got their third, they kept the ball, had ten men behind the ball and limited us to very little. I wonder if we were three - one up would we have done the same?
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