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  1. As has pretty much every player that’s ever played for us
  2. Fair play keeping hold of whatever camera or phone they were using. If it were me after that goal it probably would have gone miles into the air never to be seen again
  3. Doesn’t seem to be much of an advert for the rest of Carlisle’s forward line. The chances they miss. Barn door and banjo spring to mind
  4. Think we can safely say with all the manager failures there that the issue isn’t with the manager
  5. Nigel has hardly set the world on fire. We’ve been terrible since took over, but then who’s to say anybody would do any better. Do I want Nigel sacked? No, because the he needs time and I think slowly we are improving. Should CH get sacked? No, probably not as his managerial record so far suggests he will get them heading in the right direction
  6. So glad for Moyes that he’s proved what a good manager he is. Was let down at Manure by the chief exec there and then didn’t get the time in Spain to sort out Real Sociadad
  7. Rest in peace Richard. Condolences to family and friends. Will be greatly missed here
  8. I think our season will very much depend on how quickly we can shake off the losing mentality of the second half of last season. If we don’t have the injuries of last season we still have a fairly strong squad. It’s just getting then playing with confidence. Be interesting to see this season with the hands being back if home advantage makes more of an impact as you got a lot more away wins for teams than you usually would last season. Making Ashton Gate a fortress again will be really important
  9. Be interesting to see if we go with the 5 at the back like vs Germany or the 433 we’ve played all of the other games. I’ve a feeling we may start with a 5 and Trippier comes back in. As for predictions I’m leaning towards Italy being the better team but in a final at Wembley who knows.
  10. I’m with some on here on missing some of the excitement in watching England that I used to have. As a kid when we got to the latter knock out stages I couldn’t sleep at night I was so excited and later when I was old enough to go down the pub again watching games in my twenties and early thirties were amazing, but thinking back to those times it makes you realise that despite the fact that we didn’t win the tournaments or even get close to the semi finals a lot of the time we have won some great games and I’ve had some absolutely incredible days and nights drinking and celebrating a great result. When you look back at things like that it makes you realise that actually going on to win the actual tournament isn’t the be and end all. Finally although I may not be quite as excited about England in tournaments as I was I am really proud of this England team, prouder than I have been for a while and a lot of that credit has to go to Gareth Southgate who has turned us into a proper team that plays like a team than a bunch of individuals. The whole squad seems to be supporting each other and pulling in the same direction. Let’s hope they can take us all the way. Come on England!
  11. They got stuffed by Spain 4 zip in the euro’s final 2012 also
  12. Hilarious commentary. Yep, I think that red card is the right decision
  13. Come on Cyril, you’ve got to let the Eurovision result go!
  14. Be amazed if Rafa is still in the job come the first game of the season
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