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  1. Former Nigerian international Efe Ambrose is considered to be a ball playing CB and is on the list. No idea how good he is now, but he played for Celtic and Hibs. However, he didn’t get any game time while at Derby earlier this year as he was unable to displace Keogh or Tomori.
  2. I have a feeling we will start with all established players and then try to bring on three of the new boys during the game. So the starting lineup might be: ——————Bentley—————— Hunt—Kalas—Moore—DaSilva ——Brownhill——Walsh———— Weimann——KP———Eliasson ——————Diedhiou—————— Subs: Gilmartin, Baker, Rowe, Pereira, Nagy, Massengo and Afobe Nagy, Afobe and Pereira have only had one practice session so far (assuming Afobe made it and was not posing on the roof), which is probably not enough to start. Expect them to possibly start on Tuesday.
  3. At least we have the element of surprise... No-one (except LJ, the coaches and hopefully the players at this stage) knows what our lineup and tactics will be tomorrow.
  4. Could also be a 4-4-2 diamond with RB/LB creating the width going forward that can convert to a regular 4-4-2 with wingers (ie Elliason/O’Dowda on for any two of the central diamond) coming on to change things as needed. ————————Bentley———————— Pereira——Kalas—Baker——Dasilva ————————Nagy————————— ———Brownhill———Massengo——— ————————Palmer———————— ———Weimann————Afobi————— When everyone is fit, each position has at least two players available with this system and the team goes to two up front. The key is - there are many options.
  5. City Player commentary now working as well. Thanks for the updates during the first half.
  6. Watford commentator is talking about the problems with the Player service. It is affecting everyone.
  7. Please keep the updates coming, as there is no Player commentary overseas. Thanks
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