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  1. Totally agree, but I think he maybe wanted to go. Perhaps Eliasson could see the future better than the management. We need: Good crossers of the ball. Eliasson was good. Someone who can take corners, Eliasson was good. Someone with a good long throw would be useful (remember Magnússon). A good free kick taker or two (Scott may be that man, Paterson OK if he stays). We are short of tall players. But most of all we need a leader or two. Kalas seems too quiet. Korey Smith was better. None of the older players bought in the last couple of years seem to be leaders.
  2. Possibly because your designated seat is behind someone much taller than you. Have you considered taking a cushion?
  3. I would suggest we tried playing with a few extra players if they wouldn't get noticed, but I'm not sure that would help us.
  4. Brentford are certainly doing well with Danes.
  5. Incessant back passing It stinks
  6. Brownhill is probably the best of the lot.
  7. The problem could be solved by broadcasting with highlights shown in a "picture in picture" window. This could also be used for pictures showing live close-ups of players, managers and crowd reactions.
  8. Stream: https://daddylive.club/stream/stream-24.php
  9. ... and banned for the next match, to the random advantage of whoever that happens to be and to the disadvantage to all other teams. It's nonsense.
  10. Went to the Baseball ground around 1980, not a blade of grass to be seen, just sand. Awful.
  11. So listen, as I was saying, like, err, to be fair, you know like, um, well look, as I was saying, err, to be fair, you know... I agree with some of you, totally.
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