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  1. Gaschat is full of comedy gold at the moment but this one comment jumped out to me now know what the initials BRFC stand for bloody rubbish football club!
  2. They have just signed Glen Whelan another 37 year old. The mind boggles.
  3. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/517142/brizzle-city-fans-what-exactly-is-their-beef-with-ashton-(n-t)/#5 Anybody fancy bring that friendly city fan?
  4. My impression of Pack was that he looks like a complete gypo. In desperate need of a hair cut and a good shave. On vaguely the same subject was Flint wearing an Alice band or do I need a visit to the Opticans.
  5. Robins TV is good and buying directly from the club is good but the best option by a mile is IPTV, if you can get a good subscriber you pay peanuts for everything you can imagine and more,
  6. From watching JB’s interview it looks as if he has a cut lip. Hopefully it’s just a shaving accident.
  7. Looks like a modern day Junior Bent to me.
  8. Absolutely. He will be playing premiership football soon.
  9. That’s good I like that. Nice to see that they recognise there is a real demand there for it and probably a nice little earner for them. Hopefully if enough people pay the £10 we might get our new striker and right back.
  10. The Boro 9, they signed from Wycombe looks a menace. Much better then our powder puff attack. Hi
  11. My friend cough cough has one of these IPTV things, if a stream pops up somewhere I will ask him to share it.
  12. Nope. At the end of Ssturday they said next game is Middlesbrough. I was of course overseas for the weekend
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