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  1. I agree IPTV is a beautiful thing especially at the moment.
  2. Get yourself a good IPTV supplier and you will have Robins TV on tap in exchange for a very small fee.
  3. If you a little tech savvy you can watch the whole thing for free. I think I know which option I will choose.
  4. I have held back getting a ST this year as I thought this season could be very disruptive. Also I was about to buy a half season ticket but have again held off. Instead if you can find a good IPTV supplier you can watch every game from home for a very small fee.
  5. Surely these conditions are unplayable and the game needs to be abandoned.
  6. How would you quantify it? I am getting over and could have caught it in about 10 different places.
  7. The woman on Robins TV is quite possibly the best co presenter I have seen on there. Comes over incredibly well.
  8. Gaschat is full of comedy gold at the moment but this one comment jumped out to me now know what the initials BRFC stand for bloody rubbish football club!
  9. They have just signed Glen Whelan another 37 year old. The mind boggles.
  10. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/517142/brizzle-city-fans-what-exactly-is-their-beef-with-ashton-(n-t)/#5 Anybody fancy bring that friendly city fan?
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