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  1. Can’t get tickets on app ?
  2. Magger1


    Good old days
  3. I didn’t know that made you a man
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    These tribal groups have been around for donkeys years and some of people on here slating members have probably forgot they themselves have possibly been involved in gang activity,we’ve had mods and rockers ,skinheads and grebos and if you look back even further krays and Richardson’s and various sectarian groups ,I know most if not all the lads who are claiming CSF and for all the city fans knocking CSF let me put you straight ,the pitch invasion v Bristol rovers 2013 was nothing to do with CSF but so called fans -so please tell me the difference . CSF is 40 years old and now mostly old men who sit and chat about the past ,I also know most of the tote end boys and we do get on and most of us hate cowardly acts
  5. It’s not just price the lager is terrible
  6. He stays fit one of best in championship and could be the key for nahki wells
  7. Mate your right mid table will do me but I’d like to see some football in achieving that spot ,I’ve followed since 1970 and this last 3 seasons football has been poor with some poor comings and goings ,we need to stabilise,I’d like to see NP pitch side more and I’d like to think as OWNER SL would also be upset with recent football entertainment provided and would maybe get his ass into changing room now and again just to put wind up players and manager as they are all his employees after all
  8. I think your spot on , the only problem is we as fans want perfection and it ain’t going to happen , but we all look for improvement and I can’t see anyone outside the 11 to improve things in fact we have players on bench that I think should be moved on . Palmer is a waste of money ,semenyo is another luxury I’ll afforded with a return of 2 goals in 3 seasons as a forward , can we not put hungry youngsters on bench and bring em on as impact players .we definitely need pace as our build up is so predictable but we’ll still be there
  9. No bigger ***** than the man who won’t say it to your face No bigger ***** than the man who won’t say it to your face
  10. Where is SL Don’t hear nothing of him he doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the team , has his interest of football died , if he was watching this football surely he’d see we need improving and I believe he should address players and tell them , we’re paying your wages ,play up or **** off come on Steve be a man
  11. ******* football boring as **** , manager sat in stand has no influence on players , just as well pay him off, : seasons of shit boring football no wonder crowds are falling
  12. I thought yesterday was a great game as far as 0-0 goes 2 mid table teams put a lot into it football from city was good but cutting edge lacks , no improvement shown there so need to replace individuals crowd atmosphere was good and you can seen young uns are enjoying it so a big from me
  13. I seen what happened yesterday and to be honest 5 years back would never of happened in Ashton rd even though it was handbags, both sets of youth shouting at each other not a punch thrown , I laughed at a young Preston lad who picked a rock up to throw but couldn’t get it over the park wall (arms like noodles ) but there was no violence and after game it’s never easy for away fans as a lot of lads come that way after
  14. Great win last night but means nothing if we can’t take anything Friday,does this group of players have the balls and fight to win BACK TO BACK matches , personally I think they do but do they believe in themselves think they need a bit more fight for each other and I’d like to see Pearson on the sidelines all game showing his passion COYR
  15. Well done lads great performance dug in well and 3 points from a tricky away fixture and well done the 2150 fans that sang throughout cam Pring and Alex Scott done brilliantly onwards and upwards
  16. Anyone confirm there being a reserve match at 2 today v sheff wends at Ashton gate ?
  17. Yes a car of 3 from here overnight stay in boro
  18. People moaning about prices ffs it’s about £1 a pint more than pubs if you have 5 pints it’s a fiver big deal
  19. Magger1


    Atmosphere was poor I thought , why go and not cheer your team on I never understand people attend and sit on their hands ,show some passion
  20. Looking for a drive close to ground to park home games due to walking problems anyone help be great
  21. As long as covered by fire certification it shouldn’t be a problem as in wembley best person to ask is Jerry SLO
  22. CAN WE DITCH THIS POST ABOUT OUR 6 fingered donkey jacket wearing Neighbours, why even mention basement team NOT INTERESTED GET RID
  23. Yeh rob most full season ticket holders have chose the better seats as should be ,now what remains offer half season tickets on just a thought to secure a seat at an affordable price
  24. I think it might help some fans if the club released a half season ticket , the cheaper version of securing your own seat may appeal ? Plus if we have a good first half they may want to grab the second half of season ticket as well all the more money for club
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