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  1. semblar


    The problem with "All lives matter" isn't the words themselves - in isolation they should be clear and obvious to all. It is the context of how they are used as a rebuttal of the "Black lives matter" line. If only the phrase used had been "Black lives matter too", then we wouldn't have this as a linguistic issue where a conflict between the two phrases is generated
  2. Get well soon NP! Hope this is as mild as possible and at least nobody will be moaning at you for not being on the touchline....
  3. I won't dismiss that out of hand, but you have seen counter-arguments here already. Yes, the income will have dropped for sure.... but the same is true for all of the clubs in the championship (parachute clubs excepted perhaps) - none of them have had income from tickets or hospitality/commercial streams. SO the question to ask is why Derby and not most of the clubs? For that the answer most would jump to would be the "shenanigans" that Mel got up to chasing the dream.
  4. Or as an alternative that I use, still get down there early and let them burn off energy in one of the parks (Greville Smythe or Gore Marsh depending on where you park)
  5. urgh, that ad-strewn forum just served toremind me what a gem we have in OTIB... renewed earlier in the week, a fiver very well spent
  6. Genie: "You have one wish" Gashead: "Make me immortal" Genie: "Can't do that, ask for something easier" Gashead: "make me live to see the Gas overtake the gurt 'Teds" Genie: "Immortality it is then..."
  7. (unfortunately) you have seen a current City player score for England though....
  8. Should have used that in the COD in the away end thread
  9. Thanks for the education I know that some platforms push stuff towards the user, so I was wondering if there was a "technical" reason why different posters had different views on what was going on in social media regards NP. I think there is common ground here (we ALL wish we had had a better start, results-wise). As with DH's start when some were mainly looking at the results (so were happy) and some were looking at performances (so were worried) we each take a view based on our individual preferences for the balance between the two, with an individual threshold for when results/performances are good enough to celebrate or poor enough to voice concerns or demand action. I'm still in the camp where I could see better performance against Blackpool (the only one I've seen instead of listened to) than last season's capitulation. If the run continues there would be a sea change in fan feelings at some point...lets hope it doesn't!
  10. Please don't. Much as some posters / posts are hard going, I don't want an echo chamber like the gas boards.... I don't "do" twitter, so I could be wrong... but is it possible RMLF is being shown posts that reflect their views with others seeing a different story, tailored to their own history with the platform?
  11. we have some resident experts, but stuff like transfer embargoes and points deductions...neither of which would be very easy to ignore...
  12. It might not be a kiss and make up, but it did look like Gregor is asking a slightly different style of question this time around - and got a far better set of responses in return. To get the best out of NP, he needs to find that balance between probing for bits you don't see in the internal interviews, but using a question style that brings out the insightful (some say rambling, but I love them) responses
  13. but like it or not, strikers cost more that we shelled out on that defender, or good ones at least. NP has been quite clear that he's not going to bring somebody in that isn't better than what we already have. For a striker that will cost...
  14. It is exactly that I think - what comes over to some as petulance or throwing TM under a bus could be a reaction to Gregor essentially trying to put words into his mouth (intentionally or otherwise) by some poor wording of the follow-up. If he worked on getting the follow-up question better worded then we might have ended up with an explicit bus-throwing or we might not - but the way the answer is worded it reads like one. So a poorly worded question led to an ambiguous reply that implies displeasure. We know from other interviews mainly with Dave Barton that there are a few who are not (yet?) bought into the new regime. TM might be one of them or he might be trying his hardest and just not able to achieve what is being demanded. For me the fact that we are demanding higher standards from everybody is the important thing that has changed under NP, something we have needed for a while
  15. Named after the group or the sweet?
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