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  1. With all that wonga why do you want to pfaff about buying a player? You might as well buy a complete club - there's one in the Midlands looking for a buyer with pockets as big as yours!
  2. I read that quickly as ###king Bakinson?
  3. ... But he also had a fiver on at 3/1 that someone would post that response within 1 minute!
  4. One thing that struck me when thinking about the Derby situation. While the EFL will want to ensure that Derby receive full and proper punishment for rules breaches, what will be their view if those penalties, and likely relegation, put off potential buyers? Will the EFL want to see a major club go under on its watch? Will they want to attract criticism that its actions lead to a clubs demise? I'm not suggesting that the EFL has done anything wrong in its pursuit of Derby over Ffp issues, but could well imagine it being prepared to rein back some of the penalties, especially if pressured by the administrator that liquidation would be the only option if no buyer is secured. By the same token, I would not put it past a prospective buyer to "suggest" such an approach to the administrator, as leverage to get the club on a better footing before purchase, i. e. half a chance of staying in the championship. I hope I'm proved wrong, but am increasingly feeling that Derby will start next season as a championship. If that happens then who said crime doesn't pay?
  5. Disagree with "absolutely destroyed". It was a slightly surreal game. Even after Carey was sent off we were in the game, it just seemed that every chance Ipswich had went in. Also was surprised how many stayed till the end - I was with City fans in a corner of one of the side stans so don't know if others were behind the goal
  6. It seems to me that Morris took the club into administration when he was unable to find a buyer and was no longer prepared to underwrite the club's losses. I say no longer prepared to as from the figures I've seen quoted re his personal wealth it would appear he would have been able to. As far as I can see, the primary reasons he couldn't find a buyer were the club's debt levels and the jeopardy caused by the EFL's pursuit of rule breaches, punishment for which (embargo and points deduction) could seriously jeopardise their championship status. Both these issues were caused by Morris's decision to ignore Ffp rules, but to continue spending to try and secure promotion, all of which occurred well before the pandemic struck. Also if the pandemic was deemed the cause of administration, why did it not take place until we are into the first season when crowds have returned and cash flow would be returning to levels close to pre Covid levels? Finally, I think I'm right in saying that Derby has a substantial tax liability outstanding. If this, or a sizeable chuck of it, predates the pandemic then I'd say it was a clear indicator of financial problems being there for some time and that Covif is a red herring. Lastly, if Covid is the cause of Derby's administration, then where is the list of all the other less wealthy EFL clubs that have similarly failed over the last 18 months?
  7. I completely agree. It seems that in most aspects of his game his instinctive reactions are great, whether that be taking chances in the box or seeing and making a killer pass. Give him loads of time to play with and it seems that all too often he takes too long and the moment or chance has gone.
  8. Like Best, Bowles, Marsh, Currie and a fair few others he showed skill and speed playing on pitches that resembled ploughed fields/quagmires for large parts of the season. They also received nothing like the protection from refs afforded to today's superstars, yso risked serious injury in every game from the agricultural tackles (assaults) meeted out by defenders.
  9. I would say HNM is our best player. Weimann might be one of, if not the most important players.
  10. Weren't accounts outstanding for some time ime even before administration? Also, going back to the first time the 3 year period was being assesses 2018?) when projected accounts were required for the third year by March IIRC, weren't there a number of clubs late/very late in submitting accounts? As with somany aspects of ffp rules, it seems the EFL naively assumed that all clubs would not only comply but would do so to the letter and on time.
  11. Has Derby yet produced accounts yet? If I fail to submit my self assesment tax return on time I receive a fine, which escalates the longer I delay. I think I'm right in saying (because I've always submitted and paid on time) that any tax due can have a penalty applied depending how long payment is delayed. Something along these lines would sort clubs out in terms of submitting accounts with a sliding scale of points deductions for delayed submission of accounts. On that basis Derby would likely be in the Conference next season!
  12. A lot of his goals are where he doesnt have time to think, but reacts instinctively. Had it been him, instead of Wells, running through on goal against QPR odds on he would have crocked it up.
  13. Reading the thread title I thought West Brom had been sold to an oil rich middle eastern state with a "questionable" human rights record and history of treating women as second class citizens.
  14. Most important question. At the end of the evening did Richard Gould run around the bar, high fiveing all the City fans?
  15. If the club puts its prices up much higher they all will!
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