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  1. Wayne Rooney is obviously feeling hard done by. What man wouldn't be if, when alone in a hotel room with 3 attractive and scantily clad women, the only thing he can manage is to fall asleep!
  2. I bet Mrs Rooney is!
  3. Bet Rooney was hoping the same that night!
  4. Jim's still not fixed it for them though.
  5. Captain should be whoever’s Mum washes the team kit.
  6. During last season I read many posts on here suggesting that we get rid of the likes of HNM, Nagy, Bakinson, COD and KP as being just not good enough for us. How many were calling for us to cut our losses and not offer a new contract to Andi “he just runs around a lot” Weimann? Now it seems that posters are trying to find a way of accommodating some or all of them. It’s a funny old game, isn't it?
  7. Can I draw your attention to forum rule 1.10 (a), which states that forum posters will always be right, even if their opinion is the polar opposite of that of football professionals possessed of far greater knowledge, experience and ability. FACT!
  8. Will only happen when they pay players appropriately i.e. likely never!
  9. Pearson seems to have made fitness a priority ( hardly surprising after last season’s emergency ward 10 shambles) but you can see that if he is employing a pressing game then high levels of fitness is essential to sustain it through the game. It will also give players greater energy - which they showed today and which was sadly lacking for far too much of last season.
  10. Perhaps not having a big target man up front helped.
  11. I thought they all looked pretty sharp. I know it was MKDs but looked like the pressing game is something we will see more of this season.
  12. Agreed. He looks very assured and always seems to have time on the ball.
  13. Are you Fred Elliot from Corrie, I say are you Fred Elliott from Corrie?
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