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  1. It's imminent, compared to 9 months on administration!
  2. It feels like a line was drawn under things at the end of last season. From this season it's been like a re-boot and a fresh start and NP working with players who are all on the same page and buying into his ideas. You can sense a different atmosphere and although it's always dangerous to jump to overoptimistic conclusions before we've even played a game, a more positive and together squad can only be a good thing
  3. Understand why his wife's not at training camp, but what about Chris?
  4. For how long have fans criticised SL for not having football people making football decisions? It now seems that NP is the one making football decisions, not a jumped up chief exec. NP has bought in coaches he knows not that were conveniently to hand as part of the previous BCFC cozy club. Jason Yuell says he has management aspirations and of Andy King, NP has already said he can see him managing the club. As others have already said, it feels like we could have succession planning starting to happen. If so then could it also see NP moving upstairs to a DoF role?
  5. What, that Israel is in Europe?
  6. I bet that these days a teacher would not want a student broadcasting that he went to the teacher's flat to practice French oral on him, and especially not A levels!
  7. If they are not paid, am I right that players can tear up their contracts and leave on a free? They might not then be able to muster a 5-a-side team!
  8. Used to be called FLDCFC, then WRDCFC. Now, DCFCIA.
  9. FFS Diana O'Dowda Ross!
  10. IIRC, 32red were already Derby's shirt sponsor, but when he signed they agreed to increase the sponsorship deal in return for Rooney wearing shirt no.32. The increase in the annual sponsorship deal was (conveniently) the amount of Rooney's annual wage. As the sponsor was paying DCFC, not Rooney, it sidestepped any problems with third party ownership of the player. Funny that the increase in sponsorship was for the amount of WR's wages and the valuation of Pride Park enabled a profit on "sale" sufficient to clear their ffp problems! I'm guessing that, as Rooney is no longer with the club, if 32red remain as shirt sponsor the deal will revert to the value it was prior to WR's signing - or , of course a lesser amount if they had a relegation clause in the sponsorship contract!
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