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  1. Palmer has all the attributes to be the player we all long for - good on the ball, able to beat defenders, make telling passes and provide the creative spark that all too often we seem to lack. As a result I think that many have been prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that successive managers will give him the chance to show his worth, that feeling being reinforced by the glimpse we saw soon after his signing playing behind Afobe. I think he is now at a watershed, as he is now well past his second chance. It also seems pretty clear that Pearson is laying down the minimum requirements for the players that want to feature in the first team. Iin particular effort and application, not just skill, ability and potential. If suggestions that KP is not training well are true, then I find that inexcusable, as I would have thought training properly to be a minimum requirement of any professional footballer, let alone one at championship level earning in the region of £20k per week. He is a player I’ve so much wanted to succeed, but unless he is prepared to take his own game by the scruff of the neck I can see him getting off Pearson’s bus at the next stop.
  2. "I'm not saying I'm the best manager, but I am in the top one!"
  3. Barton --->Holocaust comments ------> Spurs What could possibly go wrong?
  4. He's certainly used to going down.
  5. Does that mean you can talk 5h!t?
  6. He put his clock back 12 hours - to before kick off!
  7. Been so long that it feels like it was Pompey, the night we got promotion to division 1!
  8. I’d imagine the only similarity would be when Hampshire goes into his office and NP says “shut that door”!
  9. We could do with safe winning being introduced to Ashton Gate!
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