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  1. Palmer has all the attributes to be the player we all long for - good on the ball, able to beat defenders, make telling passes and provide the creative spark that all too often we seem to lack. As a result I think that many have been prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that successive managers will give him the chance to show his worth, that feeling being reinforced by the glimpse we saw soon after his signing playing behind Afobe. I think he is now at a watershed, as he is now well past his second chance. It also seems pretty clear that Pearson is laying down the minimum requirements for the players that want to feature in the first team. Iin particular effort and application, not just skill, ability and potential. If suggestions that KP is not training well are true, then I find that inexcusable, as I would have thought training properly to be a minimum requirement of any professional footballer, let alone one at championship level earning in the region of £20k per week. He is a player I’ve so much wanted to succeed, but unless he is prepared to take his own game by the scruff of the neck I can see him getting off Pearson’s bus at the next stop.
  2. "I'm not saying I'm the best manager, but I am in the top one!"
  3. Barton --->Holocaust comments ------> Spurs What could possibly go wrong?
  4. He's certainly used to going down.
  5. Does that mean you can talk 5h!t?
  6. He put his clock back 12 hours - to before kick off!
  7. Been so long that it feels like it was Pompey, the night we got promotion to division 1!
  8. I’d imagine the only similarity would be when Hampshire goes into his office and NP says “shut that door”!
  9. We could do with safe winning being introduced to Ashton Gate!
  10. This is a real acid test for and of the EFL. Outside of Derby’s fan base I think there is general acceptance that with the advent of the new ffp rules Derby/Morris made a conscious decision to ignore the rules, choosing instead to embark on a campaign to secure promotion by continued spending. It appears they did so knowing the financial position ( both in general terms, but particularly with regard to ffp limits) it would place the club, but were banking on promotion as the means of “balancing the books” before the day of reckoning arrived. Unfortunately, the day of reckoning arrived before promotion and while Derby fans are almost brazen about having had one over on the EFL, let’s be honest, the sale of Pride Park was a desperate last ditch measure to save the club from ffp embarrassment and depriving them of the chance of promotion. The irony is, of course, that had they bitten the bullet back then and taken a likely points deduction, while it would have meant them missing out on promotion ( which they did anyway) the consequences would have been less severe than they are now looking. In particular, I wonder whether they would have avoided the EFL looking more closely at their accounting techniques, especially around amortisation? Reading followed a similar course, and while “punished” by the EFL for their transgressions, appear to be making a mockery of the so called embargo, by being able to recruit loanees who are far better ( and affordable) than anything we, and most championship clubs, could afford to bring in. That being the case, if Derby are seen to have escaped full punishment, by having points deductions reduced, then not only would it put the EFL’s credibility in the same place as requires a whisk to get out of the pan, but it would throw the financial rules into disarray, as I could understand if other clubs take the view “what’s the point in us complying of other clubs are getting away with it”.
  11. Just one - we need a busload of ‘em!
  12. And he's had to watch so many men dip below accepted standards in recent times.
  13. In my corporate working days, had a boss who constantly told us that what was more important than working harder, was working smarter.
  14. As I've got older I've found the opposite when leaving it too long.
  15. Concrete information is needed in order to reinforce the announcement and ensure the decision is cemented in place and set in stone.
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