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  1. The Dolman. Minutes after full time? There'd be no-one left in the stand to high five!
  2. If Kane is worth £150m what would Greavsie, at his peak, be worth today? Possibly the best goalscorer in my lifetime.
  3. We were second best in everything but goalscoring.
  4. If the cat had been walking away from him, the man who invented cat's eyes would have invented a pencil sharpener instead!
  5. So far this season I've been unable to follow the following games on OTIB - Reading, Cardiff and QPR. I am now officially retiring from all future MDTs!
  6. We’ve had plenty of players just like that - apart from the "it seems to come off" and "always sprinting at 100%"
  7. It did learn from the Portsmouth collapse, which is why ffp was introduced - to try and prevent exactly this happening. Morris/Derby chose to ignore/ride roughshod over the financial rules, hoping that cheating financially would secure promotion, the rewards from which would balance the books and justify the financial exposure. Derby’s plight now would seem to not only justify the need for ffp rules to safeguard clubs from profligate owners, but that those rules need to be tightened and better enforced.
  8. I’m 67 and I’m now concentrating on potty training rather than football!
  9. Forest fans would agree with you 100%.
  10. Remember all the bravado from Derby fans when the fiasco around the “sale” of Pride Park surfaced. When it was realised they had broken no rules because of the EFL’s rules cock up, I remember reading comments from their fans boasting that Derby had cleared the sale with the EFL and that bleating by other clubs was just sour grapes. On one occasion, a fan suggested that Bristol City fans were jealous because we couldn't sell Ashton Gate in the same way. At the same time, many Derby fans defended criticism of their club’s actions and strategy with comments along the lines of “Mel Morris is a lifelong fan and would never do anything to jeopardise the club’s future”. That went well, didn't it?! Derby has now been hoist on it’s own petard. Morris did what many owners have done int he past, which is to throw money at attempting to gain promotion to the premier league, the financial rewards for which would recoup the expenditure and give him the return he wanted. Unfortunately, he attempted this under the ffp rules and when Lampard failed at the final hurdle the shit or bust chickens were coming home to roost. It is now clear that while selling Pride Park might have papered over the ffp cracks, which I suspect many thought to be just paper money, the reality was that the club had real financial issues, which is why Morris has been trying to sell. Ffp wasn't introduced to create a level playing field, or to somehow punish clubs like Derby. It was to prevent owners/clubs from over extending themselves trying to chase promotion and creating the sort of financial tsunami we saw in Portsmouth’s case. The irony therefore, is that there is a very strong chance that Derby would not be in the financial mess they now find themselves, had Morris not tried to cheat the EFL’s financial rules in order to gain an advantage over most championship clubs in his quest for promotion.
  11. An additional -9 for changing their name from Frank Lampard’s Derby County to Wayne Rooney’s Derby County.
  12. Meanwhile, across Manchester........... Manchester United has revealed that broadcasting revenues helped to soften the financial hit from the pandemic. In the 12 months to 30 June, the club made £254.8m from broadcasters, 81.7% up on the previous year's £140.2m. However, with games being played without fans due to Covid, matchday revenues fell from £89.8m to £7.1m. It’s a different world , isn't it?
  13. Ah, but the car park holds the 30,000 fans that are locked out.
  14. A bit like a City home win then!
  15. Credit DCFC27 for sticking his/her head above the parapet. He/she seems to get it. This is his/her post on that thread. "Whichever way we dress it up we broke the rules... he bent over backwards to avoid FFP so is it a massive surprise they want us punished... We had to work out an accounting process to work around the rules and sell our stadium so that we could make the signings we have. Ultimately he tried to cheat and he's embarrassed the club and the fans. We'll probably go into league one on the back of his ownership so ultimately I don't blame fans if they want Mel out. Whilst I don't doubt his intentions and commitment to Derby County he has monumentally failed!" Unfortunately, I suspect this will be a pretty loan voice among the cacophony of fans shouting loudly about Derby being the victims and the EFL being the villains. There have been many failures by the EFL as far as the implementation, application and policing of it’s own ffp rules is concerned, and the feeling that offending clubs have been too easily able to “get away” with it. I wonder how much Derby fans' chagrin is because they feel hard done by, because the EFL have been diligently following through their investigation into the club’s affairs as far as ffp rules are concerned, when they thought that they had “got away with it” with the sale of Pride Park?
  16. As did his playing namesake, he's literally falling over himself to look foolish.
  17. ... Because we had Dean or Lee in charge previously!
  18. Unfortunately this is not a recent occurrence and has been a trait for 2-3 seasons.
  19. The conundrum is how can a team with such dire home form and performances over over the last 2-3 years, have one of the best away records in the country over the same period?
  20. @Major Isewater have you got the squeaky bum oil distillery up and running , ‘cause I reckon you could shift a fair few bottles in the next 15 minutes.
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