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  1. Updated for 21st century accuracy Steve.
  2. Just a thought, but perhaps against a different opponent Pearson might have made different substitutions.
  3. From my perspective the ref's mistake was in the passage of play immediately prior to the sending off incident. Sykes was manhandled (by Freeman I think) a pretty clear foul. There was no advantage, so the ref cannot use that as a reason/excuse for not blowing for the foul. Unfortunately Sykes let it get to him and you can clearly see that he was "out for revenge". As others have said, in this day and age a challenge carried out with pretty clear intent and force is more than likely to secure a red card, as duly happened. Freeman's retaliation would probably get a red card on another day, but I think the melee following his confrontation with Sykes caused the ref to be more lenient than he might have been. We do seem to get the rough edge of ref decisions, but I don't think the sending off is one of them. Hopefully Pearson will have a quiet word with Sykes about keeping his head, as it is quiet conceivable that with our track record, on another day his sending off could have seen us lose the match!
  4. He's here, he's there, he's every ***** where........................... Brings back memories for those of my generation and Andi seems to be another who is the heartbeat of the team!
  5. He must have just "run around a lot" tonight then!
  6. Perhaps we should raise a glass "to absent friends", 'cause there's a fair few missing from here tonight compared to Hull and Sunderland!
  7. Oh I don't know, because when the fish puns start they are pretty soon floundering and run out of steam.
  8. And there we all were thinking that the hardest job would be finding a buyer for Wells...........!
  9. Another thing that annoyes is posters who post without reading the whole thread.
  10. I've heard numerous reasons players have given for joining LIV - more time with families, growing the game, the team golf idea and that they want to force the PGA to make changes. Laudable reasons no doubt, but without a £30-150m signing on fee how many of them would have gone?
  11. FFS!!! P.S. I will believe none of this until it's on the OS.
  12. All the experts who post with the benefit of 20:20 hindsight just what the manager or owner could and should have done instead of what they did do.
  13. ...because it's the team playing against Bristol City - or as we are known in refereeing circles Bristol "give them bugger all" City.
  14. Not to worry, we will get an apology letter after the game!
  15. Given our defensive "frailty", Webster might be quite useful addition.
  16. I thought we already had a thread running that defined what a complete mess was/is.
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