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  1. Played very well the last couple of matches. Quality player...pleasure to watch.
  2. Direct result of giving the ball away cheaply yet again. Had the chance to tidy all of that up.
  3. ...should be pinned to the dressing room wall! It's been our failing match after match.
  4. Tough but enjoyable first half. Proper Championship away fixture! Get the ball to Massengo as often as possible...what a player he is turning out to be.
  5. I don't wholly disagree about the overall performance...but, having been gifted a lead, to fail to see it out - yet again - is ridiculous given the experience we have all over the pitch.
  6. Another ridiculous result. How we didn't put that to bed is beyond me. Frustrating to say the very least!
  7. That 4th for City - one of the most calamitous own goals you'll ever see! - their keeper made two excellent saves and in trying to clear it off the line their defender hoofed it into the roof of his own net. 4-1 up. EDIT: @GrahamC & @Red Army 75 beat me to it!
  8. I parked there for the Blackpool match. It was pouring with rain but it was fine. I'll park there again.
  9. I took my daughter to her first match (Burnley at home, September 1999) when she was 4. About 15 minutes in she whispered to me - 'Dad, Dad - that man - he said ****' - Obviously she'd heard the word before - probably from me...the shock was that it had been said in public! She's now a highly respectable vet working in London so I'm not convinced it does any harm!
  10. Credit to @Davefevs for his quality post on their forum: https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/517142/page:3 Many of their posters didn't deserve that.
  11. Great win! Very enjoyable second half. When they look good, England look very good. Hungary...hmm...predictably a tad fascist...
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