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  1. Don't hold your breath!
  2. Outstanding performance. Best in years! Delighted.
  3. Really impressive first half. Delighted for Tommy Conway.
  4. Spot on. It's why it's been at worst frustrating and at best tedious to attend matches at the Gate for the past few years, and why we'll more likely be a League One club in the next few seasons than challenge for the Prem.
  5. We must be a similar vintage! We all want the best for the club. In my time I'd rank SL's decision to stubbornly persist with his boy wonder and Mark Ashton as amongst the very worst. The consequence - the fall out - is that I can't see us challenging again for the top flight any time soon. Lansdown needs to sell up and move on. He demonstrably doesn't know how to run a successful football club. He's had 20 years. But as I'd like to enjoy the day I'll stop dwelling on that now...
  6. ...as I said before, read the preceding pages. You're not opening a can of worms...it was opened on page 1. The idea that LJ should still be here is laughable. Even his patron and greatest admirer saw through him eventually! Pity it took so long.
  7. In which case I'd say it was hard to conclude that fans leaving disappointed with their expectations diminished is likely to be solved by Pearson leaving. I think we will indeed struggle this season - and why? - poor management of both the playing and financial sides of the club have left us in a pickle, playing kids and bringing in lower league free transfers.
  8. ...for a multitude of well reasoned answers to that question see the previous 7/8 pages of this thread!
  9. ...possibly...I give the further example of Hull, a club I know well as they are my in-laws team. You'd struggle to find a more poorly managed club in recent years, but already bouncing back top of the table tonight and since 2008- is it two spells in the top flight and an FA Cup final?...all of that whilst we've had the stability of the Lansdown era. And to think I once put pennies in a bucket at Brentford and pitied them...
  10. To be honest Joe I've not watched many City away matches in which we had more than 20-30 minutes looking very good! Unless we were in the divisions below and playing someone pretty dire. It's more usually a case of capitalising on that spell and stealing the points. Shame we didn't do that today. It's not promising to be a great season but watching the side develop week in week out can be very satisfying - hang in there!
  11. To your last point - yes...but let's not forget that we went on seemingly endless and inexplicable losing streaks, how can anyone account for the collapse after that Wolves match? Streaky Lee - he joked about it. There are no guarantees of anything but a more ambitious owner would have gone for someone with a track record of achieving what he said he wanted to achieve. Lee Johnson was given the job, and kept in it, because he was Lansdown's family friend. He had no experience of achieving promotion at any side he'd ever managed - and still doesn't! 450+ matches. Look, we're all City fans and want the best for the club. I watched City walk off the pitch having been relegated from the top flight over 40 years ago, I've travelled the length and breadth of the country watching them since. A full working lifetime later they're nowhere near a return. The Lee Johnson/Mark Ashton era was the opportunity - a massive opportunity blown. Pearson is managing a totally different situation. As I'm sure you appreciate.
  12. Too right. Closer than it is likely to be again any time soon. It was never going to happen under LJ though...it was obvious...or appeared so to at least some of us. He was always out of his depth. Which made it harder to take as the prize was so close and a better manager and a less stubborn owner would have seized it.
  13. couldn't agree more. What Pearson is being asked to do is rebuild the club - not just get results on match day.
  14. We weren't aiming to 'progress each season' we were aiming for the play-offs. I know a number of folk hitched their OTIB reputation to LJ's imminent success...accept it, it never happened.
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