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  1. Bang on! I whole heartedly agree with you position!
  2. Disappointing today, up against an excellent side. Regarding fight & passion this season - plenty of that on display at Peterborough or QPR to be fair. Pearson can only work with what he's got. Contrast the resources lavished on LJ with the thin gruel Pearson has to work with and it's obvious that this is going to be long haul. As for Lee Johnson. Wasn't like him to go on a losing streak was it? Let's not forget that whatever our record at the Gate the results this season are W4 D4 L4 - not lost 8 on the spin, or 7 out of 10.
  3. My thoughts exactly. The finances of football are so rigged in favour of sides that have played in the Prem its a borderline closed shop...Brentford are a massive exception and we are unlikely to follow their example. That said some of the comments on this forum are laughable today. We wasted all the opportunities of recent years by persisting with a duff manager. Having finally appointed someone who actually knows what's needed we are clearly - as anyone following the club knows - in a period of rebuilding - small squad, no width, little pace. No investment in the squad. We are nowhere near a top 6 side - mid-table would be good. Adjustment of expectations needed for many methinks.
  4. Agreed. But to be fair we know how far we are behind the top 5 or 6. Amazed at some of the posts in this thread - not yours. Man for man they are better players in almost every position. Sad but true. Hard to fault our effort in my opinion.
  5. Me too...I'm enjoying this season, getting better results than we often deserve, playing with commitment, feels like a management team doing the right things and in difficult circumstances putting things in place for the future. All good. What drives me mad is our constant squandering of possession. It's almost the hallmark of our play when things are tight, as they were at the end of the match yesterday. We win the ball and then regularly fail to retain the ball for more than a couple of passes. It smacks of anxiety, and pressure, or conversely the desire to constantly find a worldie through ball....when what is needed is a calm head and a bit of nursing possession. Keep the match reports coming. Thanks for taking the time.
  6. Just packed up for me again - missed 5 minutes, took what, a dozen attempts at logging in and out to get it back again? Really poor. It's simply not robust enough.
  7. Finally got in. Logged in and out repeatedly. Clearly a fault somewhere. It's rarely a smooth process!
  8. Played very well the last couple of matches. Quality player...pleasure to watch.
  9. Direct result of giving the ball away cheaply yet again. Had the chance to tidy all of that up.
  10. ...should be pinned to the dressing room wall! It's been our failing match after match.
  11. Tough but enjoyable first half. Proper Championship away fixture! Get the ball to Massengo as often as possible...what a player he is turning out to be.
  12. I don't wholly disagree about the overall performance...but, having been gifted a lead, to fail to see it out - yet again - is ridiculous given the experience we have all over the pitch.
  13. Another ridiculous result. How we didn't put that to bed is beyond me. Frustrating to say the very least!
  14. That 4th for City - one of the most calamitous own goals you'll ever see! - their keeper made two excellent saves and in trying to clear it off the line their defender hoofed it into the roof of his own net. 4-1 up. EDIT: @GrahamC & @Red Army 75 beat me to it!
  15. I parked there for the Blackpool match. It was pouring with rain but it was fine. I'll park there again.
  16. I took my daughter to her first match (Burnley at home, September 1999) when she was 4. About 15 minutes in she whispered to me - 'Dad, Dad - that man - he said ****' - Obviously she'd heard the word before - probably from me...the shock was that it had been said in public! She's now a highly respectable vet working in London so I'm not convinced it does any harm!
  17. Credit to @Davefevs for his quality post on their forum: https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/517142/page:3 Many of their posters didn't deserve that.
  18. Great win! Very enjoyable second half. When they look good, England look very good. Hungary...hmm...predictably a tad fascist...
  19. I'm not sure I'd bother if I were you! Having read a few of their threads this morning they are, in the main, poorly aware of the goings on at Bristol City (although, frankly, who can blame them?!) and in their blissful ignorance determined to enjoy a love-in....which is of course their prerogative. We are - it seems - 'classic bitter fans' as frustrated as we would be if one of our better players had left. That's a strange logic but hey ho...personally I'm delighted to see the back of him. His departure was certainly my champagne moment.
  20. An excellent player. Goodness knows we've needed him. Would have been the missing piece in the jigsaw a couple of year back... ...except that the missing piece was also a manager of Pearson's experience and calibre.
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