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  1. That was a fine win. First match at the gate for a while - delighted to see us playing some ambitious attractive football!
  2. Outclassed at times today by a side with players who should be playing at a far higher level. Got to accept that. However...we've shipped 6 in the past against far worse sides and recovered (Ipswich under GJ was a painful trip!)...and anyone watching us today would have seen signs of younger players gaining confidence and stepping up. We'll need them to do so. Ok, we'll not be walking this league any time soon but we'll have some fine local talent to enjoy watching develop. After several years of uninspiring dross there may just be the makings of a side we can get behind. COYR
  3. Deceptive scoreline in some ways. Obviously they are head and shoulders above us man for man...a Prem team playing in the Championship. Mitrovic is a class above. Any side with him up front should be walking the second tier. We are trying to take the game to them and they have ripped us apart at times. But we have given it a go. Bold as it seems to say this at 5-2 down at H-T, play like we are today week in and week out we'd win more than we'd lose.
  4. Great article - and great to see that the thread started by my late - and cheerfully subversive - brother on the supporters club and GJ makes the cut as amongst our finest!
  5. Andi would surely get into any City squad of the past 50 years - and be a crowd favourite. Energy in abundance and Ashton Gate crowds have always loved that. Delighted for him today.
  6. Following from a distance so can’t comment on the performance - but that is a big 3 points. Fair play to those who made the journey.
  7. For me the fundamental problem this season is our inability to nurse the ball and retain possession. We build next to nothing...our attacks are dependent on worldie passes or a bit of a lucky break. It's what makes it so frustrating to watch...and is why I've given up for the afternoon! That said, we're not going to be relegated...it's going to be a season of frustration.
  8. I was there. Crushing disappointment! Through the 80s I kept a cutting of the photo of Mabbutt scoring - felt like the end of an era....as indeed it was! Hadn't they just signed Trevor Francis for £1m - and we had a youngster marking him?
  9. That's a great result. The first match in an age that I've not followed minute by minute. Maybe I need to make a habit of that? COYR
  10. 9 minutes - Jesus wept. I've been purposefully keeping away from updates! COYR
  11. I was more surprised at the use of the word 'fickle'. Do they even know what it means? To have stuck it through so much dross is the very opposite of 'fickle'! As for being careful what you wish for...on the basis of those ratings it was perfectly legitimate to have wished for better at many points in the past 40 years! We've had some decent managers, Terry Cooper, Joe Jordan, Denis Smith, John Ward, Danny Wilson, GJ, Cotts. The problem has been that with the exception of the Cooper-Jordan handover almost every successful manager has been followed by an appointment that's undone much of the good work. We're living through just such a period now. Our fan base has been far from 'fickle'!
  12. Unfortunately City have form when it comes to failing to plan ahead, or indeed - to use your earlier suggestion - coming up with plans that look as though they've been calculated on the back of fag packet. Dean Holden being a case in point. It's what got the club into this mess.
  13. Well said! I suspect that we both work in the media. As I said immediately after he'd finished speaking I felt the Richard Gould interview with Geoff was a car crash - stumbling and mumbling, drawn into speculation, optimism for the future built on nothing more than wishful thinking. When what was needed was clarity, confidence and reassurance. Geoff Twentyman is inclined to be generous to his interviewees, he doesn't want to burn bridges, but he is very good at his job, has been for a decade or more, Gould needed more preparation and a positive story to tell. The club has been in turmoil for several seasons. A shambles for over a year. This has all the hallmarks of previous Lansdown debacles. I note that elsewhere there has been a call for Tinnion...I can recall exactly where I was when it was announced that Brian Tinnion was being appointed manager, my heart sank, seemed as terrible a decision at the time as it does now. I've broadly given up - but find myself drawn back to the flames as yet again City appear to be crashing and burning.
  14. I thought it a fairly accurate representation!
  15. Red Exile


    It's not a war though is it?...come on. It's a football club. It's being abysmally run. Some of us are season ticket holders and have invested a fair bit of the family treasure in the expectation of a modicum of entertainment. This interview was a new low. I'm peeved and I have no concerns about expressing my peeved-ness!
  16. Red Exile


    Agreed. Just posted on the other thread - not much point in agreeing to do an interview with a chap like Geoff if you really have nothing to say. Lots of wishful thinking. All too cosy and complacent. Not a great deal more impressed by Gould than I was by Ashton to be honest...and that really is saying something!
  17. Car crash interview in my view. Seemed completely unprepared. Not much point in agreeing to do an interview with a chap like Geoff if you really have nothing to say. Manager sick, no idea when he is coming back. Not doing anything to replace him except working hard or somesuch. Lots of wishful thinking. All too cosy and complacent. Not a great deal more impressed by Gould than I was by Ashton to be honest...and that really is saying something! Good luck everybody!
  18. Which, for me, massively begged the question how hard headed, down to earth, Steve Lansdown, could possibly have been impressed by either Mark Ashton or LJ. I've made no secret on here of the fact that I wasn't!
  19. Great OP. When I'm full of belief I'll travel all over the country to watch City, win lose or draw. But the brief drained away several years ago...a combination of empty promises, false hopes and the sheer slog of getting to matches. On the promises, I'm not expecting City to rip up trees every week but watching the team I've supported since I was a nipper playing tidy football and competing with football's bigger boys would be fine by me. Not reaching repeatedly for the sky - crashing and burning. Most of the people I know who follow City are very successful in whatever track they have followed in life. I can't imagine any of us would have been taken in by the transparently vapid sales patter we've had to endure in recent seasons. Watching Ashton's interviews felt like an insult to the intelligence. I have a nagging sense that I'm taken for a mug by the club each time I renew our STs, which isn't true when I renew my membership of other organisations. On the travel...it is indeed tedious. For quite some time the effort has been met with precious little reward!
  20. I took a break for a variety of reasons in the Millen/McInnes/SOD era. Fortunately most of those reasons no longer apply, but the common thread is incompetent management of the club and squads assembled that can barely compete, a total lack of ambition. Came back with gusto when Cotts got the job...the break did me and my relationship with City a lot of good. I fear we are back in the bad old days.
  21. I'm not quite so angry this morning, but you have hit the nail on the head. It's supposed to be about watching entertaining football, not an excruciating loyalty test. I'll be back at the Gate when I think there is a chance of seeing skilled players competing in a well organised and ambitious Bristol City team. As you say, not seen that in a long while. I'm taking a break.
  22. ...and then the ungrateful so-and-sos who pay to watch every other week have the gall to complain (quietly...on a forum he doesn't have to read) ...there's no way he'll be meeting with ungrateful folk like that.
  23. I've been saying the same thing since at least the Millen years. In fairness, however, I appreciate that we are all City fans and just see things differently. That said, I'm pretty sure I've been right all along.
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