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  1. Yep, my sentiments exactly. We've been in worse places in the past, but boy we were in a very good position not so long ago, a position completely undermined by SL's dogged refusal to recognise the moment when the LJ/MA regime was revealed to be not up to the mark. He wasn't alone of course, plenty of others were taken in! Pity, what a waste. Threw it away. I happen to think NP is doing an ok job in tough circumstances. Green shoots and all that. Hoping things will turn when we get Antoine and Kalas back.
  2. Yep. Sadly for me they are my in-laws’ team. Which is challenging! Hull’s embrace of anyone promising the Earth speaks volumes for the lack of confidence of the place - it’s been through hard times - unlike Bristol. They grasp at straws. But it is irritating that they have such a hex over us!
  3. The juxtaposition of shots of the Hull owner and his entourage rejoicing and the decisions favouring his side were very uncomfortable! I’m not the greatest fan of the Lansdowns but as a fan base we have retained our dignity when it comes to ownership.
  4. Have you seen the goal? What is anyone supposed to do about that? I've been critical in the past but we looked fine today. Extremely unlucky. There'll be days when we get the luck.
  5. ...me too. Lots of good signs. They are a bit of a bogey side for us - which is a pity as my in-laws support them!
  6. I’ve been critical of the Landowns in the past. But - thank heavens when it comes to our relationship with our owners we are a club with some dignity.
  7. Tickets sorted for the first few games I can attend. For POTD folk the membership is good value. Already paid for itself. Smooth ordering process. Impressed.
  8. I don’t see much connection between the two - other than the obvious familial one! Whatever else he may have been GJ was a proven winner. Multiple promotions at almost every level. Brilliant at getting a tune out of often quite limited players. Not so good with others. His son, despite opportunities his dad never had - money vs loose change - Sunderland vs Yeovil & Torquay - has won diddly squat, zero promotions in a managerial career of hundreds of matches. GJ was a giant in comparison. Personally I loved GJ’s time with us. Could forgive him a great deal.
  9. Good for him. What a reboot his career has received.
  10. ...impressed, seemed very level headed. One observation - of how many cities in Britain might it be expected that a 22 year old footballer could use the word 'gorgeous'. I know we all take it for granted that incoming players will say positive things about eh ground and the facilities...but as an exile it's nice to hear people appreciating Bristol itself.
  11. Not a replica kit buyer myself - but clearly that is Arsenal's kit - or alternatively Rotherham. We play in red shirts. However, if we stroll through a season of glory I won't care what the players are wearing.
  12. Sunderland are one of the great clubs in English football whilst my impression of Wycombe in the semis was a bunch of anti-football cloggers. Sunderland all the way for me.
  13. Sad news. A familiar face indeed down the decades.
  14. No need to rewrite history- he wasn’t awful but just not what we needed and failed in the stated mission to get us in the play-offs. Good luck to him. He will have different objectives at Hibs.
  15. Personally not a great LJ fan in his time here! But he doesn't have to win promotion up there...something he seems incapable of. Might be just the job for him...and them. Good luck to him.
  16. Agreed. We didn't didn't renew for a variety of reasons but if our seats are taken up by folk buying STs for the first time that bodes well for the future.
  17. It's interesting to reflect on when that fellow feeling ended. I'm in my 7th decade (just!) and I can't ever remember a time when folk supported both clubs. Personally I've always hated Rovers, despite having met lots of perfectly nice Rovers fans down the years.
  18. Whilst it's always hard to be fair to them...loathe Rovers with a passion...what a day for their supporters if this ends 7-0. Much as I rejoiced that afternoon they dropped out of the league you have to say that today is a remarkable achievement. FGR, Exeter and Rovers all up...not a bad day for West Country football. That said, a Scunny goal would make it a better day!
  19. I can happily let you two argue it out! - but on the question you pose... Looking back, in a different world SL would never have turned up, and given that relatively few football clubs go belly-up something else would have happened. We have no way of knowing what that would be, we might be Burnley, we might be Bradford. Looking forward, assuming that SL controls his departure, there will be a successor - whether it's another local billionaire (unlikely!) or some other structure we have no way of knowing and no control over. It'll be presented to us, by SL, as most things good and bad have been during his time in charge. Where we can have a more informed opinion is an assessment of SL's stewardship. His bricks-and-mortar legacy can't be knocked. He can be more critically judged on his decisions regarding the playing side of the club and there I think he made some poor calls. First, having taken the bold move of approaching Coppell to build on GJ's achievements, a 'been there and done it' manager, he failed to stick to his guns when it rapidly turned sour. Second, he failed to build on what Cotts and Keith Burt had achieved and gambled on a family friend. Hindsight suggests they were poor calls, many considered them so at the time. This thread has been diverted from its original subject, and to bring it back, a third bad call was handing the keys of the club to Mark Ashton, a man whose talents and experience were again questioned at the time. Whatever we may think of him, and I have a great deal of respect, I'd be surprised if City had achieved what SL hoped for 20 years ago. It's been hard to identify a consistent strategy...if such a thing exists at City. Maybe things are changing, one would hope so.
  20. Spent my first wage packet on that trip to Carlisle...a very long journey! They had a young Peter Beardsley playing for them as I recall.
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