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  1. Steve Lansdown's errors have been called at the time of their making - not with hindsight. Dean Holden? Keith Millen? Brian Tinnion? (Personally I'd add Lee Johnson). Steve would have no difficulty selling the club. An English Championship football club, on the fringes of the Premiership with the right leadership...he's invested well in a globally attractive product.
  2. I've also watched City since the 60s. I watched us walk off the pitch at the end of the 1979-80 season little thinking that 40 years later we'd be miles away from a return to the top flight and barely ever threatened. Personally I applaud the appointment of Nigel Pearson. I agree that we should be positive. Pearson is the sort of appointment that should have been made when GJ left...or Coppell walked out..or when SL lost it with Cotterill. A man of experience, who knows what is needed. But in all honesty with regard to our all powerful owner, how long constitutes 'short sighted'? Steve Lansdown has been running the show for what...the best part of 20 years? Great at the infrastructure, but when to comes to the football all he's not proved very good at it has he?
  3. That's more like it - check back in and 79 new replies and an equaliser. COYR
  4. Just popped back to OTIB to check the score. How dispiriting!
  5. In which case I suspect the answer would have been something non-committal. To me it seems obvious he wanted to praise players, not run them down. He thought Kallas played well...what he thought of Taylor Moore he was keeping to himself! I guess my position is that simply because a reporter - or indeed a supporter - wants an answer to a question the manager doesn't have to supply it.
  6. Pearson is speaking to supporters through interviews with the club, which are very insightful. I learn far more from them that I do from anything in the Post. If folk on here want to create a narrative of a man not in control of his emotions when confronted by Gregor I guess that's their choice. I feel for Gregor. He's paid to generate clicks.
  7. No - Gregor asked 'and Taylor Moore as well we guess' - which is a) barely a question and b) putting words into Pearson's mouth. 'No' Pearson replied, 'I said that Tomas did well tonight' ... which is then variously interpreted on here by either him throwing Taylor Moore under the bus - a player he'd not even mentioned by name - or petulance.
  8. Hang on - what sort of question is 'and Taylor Moore as well we guess'? If he'd thought Taylor Moore had played well he'd have said so. Who on earth would guess from 'I thought player x played well' that what was meant was 'player y also played well.' It's interviewing designed to get a reaction and a quotable line. Treated with the contempt it deserved.
  9. Pearson says what he wants to say, nothing more. He's said that he wants to communicate with supporters. Dave Barton - hugely experienced and respected - helps him do that. Barton isn't trying to generate clicks. (of course I know Barton works for the club!) I don't personally think it's anything to do with 'being civil'. Gregor is trying to generate one or more stories every day, good luck to him. I wouldn't want his job. Sadly for him Pearson isn't playing that game. Gregor had it easier under the old regime!
  10. Sadly for GmcG Pearson is the complete opposite of the LJ/MA approach to the media. The latter relied on spin and cosy relationships with journos to cover their lack of delivery on the pitch. You can see it at Ipswich currently. LJ had a merry quip for every occasion. A journalists dream. Anyone close to the club and paying attention could, of course, see right through it. Pearson has been brought in to do a difficult job. No money, squad barely up to Championship standards, culture of tolerance of failure. He doubtless doesn't need a smart-arse local journalist trying to get a quotable line out of him in every interview. Personally I admire the frankness of NP's interviews. He says exactly what he means and his remarks are considered. He's much better with Dave Barton who, in fairness to Gregor, has years of experience to draw on.
  11. Exactly how I feel. Pearson has a tough job. Can't see much point in weighing into him or anyone else in the current regime trying to turn the club around. They've been handed a poisoned chalice. I feel reasonably confident they will come good...but conceding last minute goals is soul destroying.
  12. wow...that is such a poor goal to concede in the last minute! What on earth goes through players minds?...'get rid' is surely the uppermost thought in the 96th minute?!!!
  13. Yep - made me appreciate what Pearson has taken on, he's got his work cut out, patience needed. I loved the Lansdown payoff: 'I've been away and two managers have gone in Lee and Dean, I never saw Dean manage in front of me. It's a strange scenario. It was weird. You look back on it, and think, 'could we have done things differently?' Too darn right you could Steve! Pity you weren't paying attention to some of the more perceptive posters on OTIB.
  14. Give me a number then. Of the total crowd how many people were booing? I’d suggest a self-important next to no-one.
  15. There were about 8 people booing. Huge part building going on in this thread!
  16. Lest anyone not at the match imagines that this is even an issue there was barely any booing - the response around me in the Dolman was applause.
  17. Sadly it was a classic O'Dowda moment, should have scored, didn't, got injured. Inept and/or unlucky...either way you couldn't hope to build a team around him on the basis of his performances in a City shirt.
  18. Well...I spent a couple of years arguing that LJ was a fraud and often got dog's abuse for it. Let's not rewrite history. Many, many regular posters on OTIB thought Lee Johnson the bee's knees...until at the last moment they didn't.
  19. Looked very promising. Tiring at the end.
  20. If fans didn't turn against LJ - and let's face it many/most on here swore he was the Messiah until 5 minutes before he got the boot! - they'll take a long time to turn against Pearson. By which time he'll have got it right.
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