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  1. Perfectly respectable performance today. I enjoyed long sections of it. We so easily could have won, and should have. But that's football. A last minute concession to concede points is SO Bristol City I'm surprised anyone is surprised by it - myself included! It's a long season, a season of consolidation. Not sure what some people were expecting. We'll be fine. Great to be back at the Gate!
  2. Enjoying this! Suddenly we have experience all over the park. Palmer a player transformed. Impressed by Atkinson. Scott showing some good confident touches.
  3. Mine arrived today. Different envelope to the one containing the first we received. I assume it was sent in a different batch. Still...happy days!
  4. Similar situation - got my son's a week ago, but still waiting for mine. Mind you, we've barely been getting any postal deliveries!
  5. I was on that train. Utterly bizarre away day...but typical of the way football supporters were treated in those days, and often still are. As a chap pushing 60 I can't think of many other occasions in life when I'm as routinely treated with suspicion by authorities as I am at an away match.
  6. 100% - what days to be a City supporter they were!
  7. I actually wept at a family gathering this evening...not sure anyone else understood!
  8. Oh no. I loved Terry Cooper. What sad news.
  9. We've received one of our two - but since then had no post for days. I'm told that there is a mountain of post waiting to be sorted in our post office. Not too bothered as only one of us could make the first game anyway - me!...if it seems a COVID safe decision to take.
  10. Thanks for your concern. I'll aim to be less sensitive in the future! I'd like O'Dowda to come good.
  11. Pen saved - decent save I thought. EDIT: Looking at the replay - too close to the keeper.
  12. In which he wins a penalty - good for him.
  13. ...he's barely retained the ball. Hence my initial comments. Still, another 45 minutes to go!
  14. I listened to Callum's analysis of the MK Dons match and was very impressed. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him management in the future. He clearly wanted to get out on the pitch and impress. He's not playing well this evening, in my opinion. Just an opinion based on the first half. I'm not sure how that makes him the 'whipping boy'. That's a more considered observation!
  15. just telling like it is...I quite like him...he's not playing well tonight
  16. If this was O'Dowda's chance to impress he's having a bit of a mare! Clumsy. losing the ball.
  17. Agreed - far better commentary.
  18. Agreed. If expectations are managed well, if we’ve ditched the overpromising and under delivering that was the hallmark of the old regime, and if we can be patient, it could be an exciting few years watching this side grow.
  19. City’s youngsters playing really well. Impressed. I’ve enjoyed this.
  20. I don’t get the impression he was expecting to be commentating today. Nigel Turner is a veteran broadcaster, not heard him commentating in years.
  21. Yes he was. I wonder whether he might be a late stand in? A voice from the Radio Bristol past.
  22. The bottom line, surely, is that the government has decided to let the virus let rip. In a world in which everything is voluntary there are more or less no robust preventative measures in place. The 'ping-demic' is simply a reflection of the prevelance of the disease. I've been pinged myself - on holiday in St Ives at the time of the G7...two of us were, in a party of 4. No logic to why it was us two - must simply have spent time in a shop or the street next to someone who tested positive. I can't see myself going to the Gate any time soon if the club has no controls whatever. I don't blame the club for that. We're all living through a massive public health failure overseen by one of the most incompetent governments the country has ever had. There will be lots of things I'll not be doing - going to the pub or taking public transport where I can avoid it being others. Going to a match is a hobby, a bit of fun, I can't see me risking bringing a life threatening disease home to my wife for the sake of watching City.
  23. Enjoyed that. Youngsters looked strong and enthusiastic. I've seen some far worse pre-season run outs against far weaker opposition.
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