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  1. less than 10 years...not so long ago sadly. Amongst the problems an away membership would solve would be the inability for regular away fans to purchase tickets...but that's another issue - to be faced again in a few minutes when Cardiff tickets go on sale!
  2. I agree with you on so many things Bob - and sorry to single you out - but not this. so...I have called out racism at Ashton Gate. Some years ago. Stood up and called out a chap who - on his own - was chanting racist abuse at a linesman. I didn't think too much about it - just did it there and then. The reaction of people around me was tutting about me making a fuss - 'ark at ee' type comments - directed at me. At half time the chap chanting (who shut up sharpish) came and sat by me and told me he couldn't be a racist because he had black mates at work. The lasting effect was that we never heard a peep from him again, but I felt uncomfortable for the rest of the season sitting with a bunch of people who felt more comfortable with racist chanting than with reporting it. It can't be left to individuals. This is scary stuff. Puts the complaining individual at personal risk. I'm hoping the club acts. A membership scheme for away travel would address many problems.
  3. Point taken. Now, I'd be pretty sure that the intention was racist for the reasons others have stated already, but I equally imagine not many thought about what they were singing before they joined in and so few would think they done much wrong. But I'm old enough to remember when players like Devon White playing for Rovers would be getting casual racist abuse from fans sat in the Dolman...it took a bit of education for such folk to appreciate that times had moved on...and to be more respectful. I'm not sure that the courts would have to be involved for a club to decide to revoke a season ticket...it would be enough to decide that fans had in some way breached ground regulations.
  4. hmm...well if the people who don't like it include the people who run the football clubs (and they appear to include Jon Lansdown)...and if those people use CCTV and stewarding to police this, then those doing the singing might find out quite quickly that they are doing something wrong, and lose the chance to do it again.
  5. ...and it should look bad for the club I'm afraid. Every ticket sold was to a season ticket holder! And a season ticket holder who really wanted to get to the front of the queue...plenty of regular supporters missed out on this one because of the short notice. Not at all sorry to say that I was one of those to miss out. What a depressing read this thread is...
  6. 19 for me - 15 with City - from the highs of Wembley for the FT in 1985 to the lows of writing to the football league about the abysmal view for away fans at the old Northampton Ground. Happy days...but as other have observed - no wonder I am no longer anywhere near the 92!
  7. I can only assume it's an age thing...but the thought came to mind!
  8. Great stuff. I've worked in broadcasting for 30 years - and for what it's worth you're doing a great job. That's a cracking interview.
  9. 17 from 10 is good form. Play off form. Good point tonight.
  10. And they weren't wrong about the weather!
  11. well they're punching above their weight then... ...but look, I don't hold any particular candle for Preston, however their history is undeniably more distinguished than ours...which is, of course, all the more reason to get to behind the team and get us back into the Prem, as a decent number of people were doing at Deepdale today.
  12. hmm...not so sure. I think we'll have to agree to differ. I popped into the Preston town museum this afternoon...which is great, very accessible, not at all pompous (in passing...such a pity they moved the football museum to Manchester.) They have every right to crow about their contributions to football history, both men's and women's. We're minnows by comparison I'm afraid...but for us, I hope, the glory lies in the future, not the past!
  13. Just back. For me the turning point in the match was their first penalty. Anyone who has followed the game must know that the scoring of any goal in injury time in the first half will have a significant psychological impact on the course of the game. You'd surely have to be 100% certain to give such a penalty. He couldn't have been. To award such a soft penalty, and gift Preston a lifeline in first half injury time, was inexcusable. It was directly the result of home fans getting on the ref's back. Weak...good to see LJ calling to out.
  14. In fairness I think the PNE supporters who post on here come across as generous and knowledgable fans. And if you compare the size of Preston with Bristol I'm not sure that 12,000 is such a poor turnout compared to us down the years. That said they do always seem to have have some right ones in their playing squad!
  15. Great post. I was also raised in a non-football following family. My brother and I changed all that and later dragged my parents along! Having not lived in Bristol for years I've resorted (in the pre-internet era)to getting in the car to drive up onto the Ridgeway to find the exact spot where Radio Bristol can still be heard...on holiday on an island off the coast of Brittany it was possible (just) to catch bits of commentary on a match against either Watford or Luton (I forget which)...whereas these days it's been possible to be working in Ashgabat in Turkmenistan and follow the action!
  16. ...becoming par for the course - fourth visit and four draws...that was by far the most entertaining! Good luck for the rest of the season.
  17. That was as aggressive and confident an away performance as I can remember. Unlucky not to win. Williams brings that calm confidence. Semenyo needs more playing time. Weimann is a real handful. So much energy. On another day Fam would have had that goal. Bit of a wrestling match in a puddle.
  18. A very decent point despite the refereeing controversies. But more than that it was a brilliant match. Ridiculously open but LJ really went for a win. 3 points would have been nice but waiting at Preston station I can't help but feel that it's been an entertaining afternoon.
  19. Playing very well. They are no mugs - dangerous on the break. Weather is appalling. Rain sheeting down. We need to maintain our confidence. Ashley Williams looking an inspired signing.
  20. Oh I don't deny that it's very do-able. But then so is giving more than a couple of hours notice of ticket sales for the most constrained away match of the regular season. But it would require re-establishing, maintaining and policing a robust tracking system of sales and points acquired. Such a system existed in the past but I question whether a club happy to employ such a seemingły anonymous SLO will think that worth the effort. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong!
  21. I was also on the way to that match...and have never been to Kenilworth Road as a consequence.
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