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  1. Isn’t any certificate valid only for 1 month from the point you get it? And the process is an automated one so should not be affected by demand.
  2. Both great Euro trash songs for apres but that’s as far as it goes.
  3. Morrell a pale shadow of his previous game.
  4. Well impressed by László Kleinheisler
  5. Jonathan - don’t care what’s going on on the pitch I will just blind you with trivia - Pearce.
  6. Who are you calling Nino?
  7. No it’s not an example of an oxymoron. It follows a conversation I was having with my son where we were discussing why I had fallen out of love with watching City. Yes the football has been sh*t but without the fans it’s been sterile too. Watching the Cup Final on Saturday showed how we have been missed. Let’s hope this is all now behind us and we can look forward to and feel some emotion.
  8. What’s the average age of our team now? Must be one of the lowest ever.
  9. Millwall 5-1 down to Coventry having stuffed us last week.
  10. The last game, Bristol were gone, they looked like they wanted to go on holidays already. They didn’t care, I’m sorry. I think they were the worst team we’ve played against this season. They’ve got decent players and a decent squad. Sometimes it’s hard. I’m not saying it’s easy for us to play every single game with that mentality.
  11. Semenyo done more in 5 minutes that’s Wells in 75.
  12. The only joy I have taken from match days these last few months is reading Gaschat.
  13. I am the only one still to be convinced by him? Majority of posters seem to think he can do no wrong despite some mediocre results thus far. Tin hat on.
  14. Just discussing with my wife and I wondered if anyone knew the answer. What is the average win percentage of home teams in the 4 divisions and how does this compare to this season with no crowds?
  15. Agree with all that’s been said but just found his delivery a bit too measured/ slow.
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