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  1. No sympathy for them. Should have been boosted
  2. Not the first time you have made a crass comment in an attempt at humour.
  3. Entirely agree his body positioning against Tymon was spot on (standing him up and making him look sideways or back (apart from the one time he was nutmegged). I would prefer him in centre mid but has done an excellent job as a WB.
  4. According to Sky anyway. I agree he had a better game but above Scott, Benarous, Kalas, COD? Think they were expecting to give it to a Stoke player and panicked last minute!
  5. Well done. I thought I might be the only one think 40+ pages OTT. I don’t deny Derby’s failings but maybe we should spend more of our time on BCFC?
  6. Not the Fellowship but the Friendship. My old mans local. He was a regular there every Sunday lunchtime. He was a Fishmonger and when a regular found this out he sold him a couple of pheasants, buckshot and all!
  7. Noticed this on the official site - Assistant Manager Fleming is currently taking charge of City’s preparations ahead of Millwall, while Manager Nigel Pearson is feeling unwell. Hope he’s not too bad.
  8. Struggle to remember a time at the final whistle that so many City players were lying on their backs or haunches clearly exhausted.
  9. Frustratingly Sky no longer let you record red button programmes so unable to look back after getting back from the game.
  10. Lies, dam lies and statistics. According to this we were played off the park. https://eflanalysis.com/analysis/championship/efl-championship-stats-cardiff-city-vs-bristol-city/17
  11. Doombar - well you have really gone down in my estimations.
  12. I know it has been said before but last night for me proved what a poor signing he is. What does he bring to the table? No pace and whenever (as there were numerous occasions last night particularly in the second half) there was an opportunity to break and run into space he stops and passes sideways or back. I know Jack Hunt was not the player he was but still a far better option than this guy. Perhaps wages swung it but geez this guy really limits our options. With Dasilva having a poor game we really did look exposed on both flanks.
  13. Think you will find its on the Yellow
  14. HARP stays sharp to the bottom of the pan.
  15. But none of that would be official until it’s on the club site.
  16. Isn’t any certificate valid only for 1 month from the point you get it? And the process is an automated one so should not be affected by demand.
  17. Both great Euro trash songs for apres but that’s as far as it goes.
  18. Morrell a pale shadow of his previous game.
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