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  1. Good piece by Gregor Mcgregorface on the Post website.......at last, he starts to criticise the club, only a little though! It's 784 Hours and 30 minutes since LJ departed and still we wait
  2. The only view i would contribute is, IMHO After the appalling level of football dished up in general this season, and our pathetic annual late season decline, added to which we have all had to contend with the repercussions of the dreadful pandemic...........we all needed our spirits lifted and our optimism regenerated, but all we get is a stoney silence and a terrible PR exercise in how NOT to keep the loyal supporters happy and informed.
  3. Come closer, and Iet me whisper where i buried the £100,000 poun....................................
  4. They didn't get past the qualifying round last season.....although they did experience the glamour of Estonia. But they were in the last 32 in the Europa League
  5. Gregor Mcgregorface is like John Snow........he seems to know nothing? I have just read his weekly Q & A session on the Post site, every answer he gives is vague and non-commital. He doesn't seem to have his finger on the pulse of whats going on, for a local football journo, he appears as much in the dark as we all are?
  6. Warnock was on Scottish radio being interviewed in the last couple of days, he was asked how he thought Rangers and Celtic would get on in the Prem? He's opinion was that they would both be top six? He was obviously playing up to the local listeners, but what does anyone else think? If Elliason goes to Celtic, he will have it made, he will pick up a fat pay packet, and only have to play 5 or 6 competitive matches a season. IMHO if he goes there, he is lacking any ambition, apart from a monetary one.
  7. STOP PRESS..........Announcement expected in time for Christmas...........Maybe?
  8. I would take anyone but Holden......ok. ha!, maybe not Pullis or Holloway.
  9. i sincerely hope they bin the drinks breaks.....turning the game into four quarters is for the stupid USA pigskin game, and not for football in this country
  10. All the true ambition and optimism of a potential future City manager
  11. Joe Btyan of course..he can defend and shoot.........and he's smart. Jay is quick and clever, but he isn't as good a defender.........and he cannot shoot or strike a ball as well as Joe
  12. What happened to the Cole Skuse thread...........was it too controversial? Or just more bollox?
  13. Tinnion had a 36% win rate, Lunsden 35%.............better than poor Benny's (remember him?) at 19%. Ouch!
  14. Deano .........No Phuckeno Wayo. Ito wonto beo Deano, theyo willo noto beo thato stuipido..............so puto thato on youro hoto seato
  15. I think we should intoduce a rotten tomato to replace the aubergine?
  16. As John McCricik would have said........this is a massively flip flopping market. Holden 12/1 to 2/5 to 9/2 and Hughton 5/4 to 10/1 to 5/2 and Cook all over the place, but currently 8/11. You Couldna make it up! Holdens quick drop in price would indicate that someone in the know thought they were ahead of the game.........but Holy Moly, they weren't. Ha!! Probably in a small betting market, it would not take much money to change the odds. In Holdens case, about tuppence three farthing,....,sorry Dean, nothing personal.
  17. Thank God...........A possible step back from the ledge? I hope that anyone who bet on Holden (All £7.95 of it) feel suitably gutted. Cook I can accept, as I think he is tactically astute, and a good judge of players.
  18. How about Donald Trump? Hopefully he'll be out of a job soon?
  19. 12/1 to 1/3 is more than a bit? Bookies do not often get it wrong..........I am just hoping that on this occasion they have?
  20. To paraphrase Mick Mcarthy, "Some teams end up with World Beaters...........other teams end up with Panel Beaters"
  21. I can just imagine the club statement....." After conducting a series of interviews, we came to realise that the solution was already here at the club....blah. bollox, blah, blah. etc. Well, those who fail to heed history, are doomed to repeat it. I give it 6 months...........Lacks ambition, and just leaves me sad and deeply unimpressed. Though will save me quite a few quid
  22. I believe that the ongoing saga of our appointment of a new manager/coach is even more boringly tedious than Brexit.......is this possible?
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