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  1. I'm sick of hearing that Kalas is our most saleable asset? I am a realist, so i appreciate his financial worth. Bur I do not see it as an option, unless he is desperate to go, which i don;t believe he is? if we have any ambition to have a decent season, we should not be considering selling one of our best players IMHO......... As soon as Baker is injured, and out for 2 months or half a dozen games, who do we then play in our central defence ? Taylor Moore?. I really don't buy it that we are that broke,, that we cannot find a loan or championship level striker, without selling first? I view it as misleading club politicking. . .
  2. There appears to be a simmering doubt about our central defensive partnership for this coming Saturday?...........For me it has to be - Kalas and Baker? Atkinson has acquiitted himself very well pre season, but if Pearson was to drop Kalas, especially after his outstanding performances in the Euros, where he proved against the likes of Kane and other's, his genuine quality, it would be insulting.. We are fortunate to have one of the best defenders in the Championship, and the very thought of him not being a first choice on the team sheet is incomprehensible to me, as is the very thought of him being transferred out of the club. It really is the ultimate case of..........."you don't know what you've got till it's gone!!"? He is our our club captain, and our best player, so i say please let us all appreciate and support him.
  3. At what point in the interview have you gleaned this information.... I don't believe this to be the case The only reason Kalas has not featured is because of the extra time he has been allowed off because of the Euros. I see Baker and Kalas as the first choice main central pairing, with a young inexperienced Atkinson as back up. I will be amazed if that is not the line up against Blackpool.?
  4. I bumped into Tomas with his glamorous gitlfriend in Sainsburys Bedminster last week................... I swear he's put on more muscle during the Euros, and looks even Bigger than on the pitch... Ha!
  5. I totally agree about knee jerk syndrome, which appears regularly every Saturday afternoon on here Ha!. However, as you say " We created a lot" but the problem that i believe might continue, is our failure to make that net bulge? Hope i am wrong?
  6. Opposition wasn't exactly demanding.............except Celtic & Villa, against whom we scored a big fat zero?
  7. Guaranteed............Just like Scwarzenegger :"He'll be back"
  8. Some choice for customers would be good ? ie Meat , Vegetable and Vegan Pies and pasties.............so as to cater for all tastes? Not much to ask?
  9. Very Good Picks............I too always put season long bets on. Despite what some people seem to think, it's actually really good fun to monitor your teams highs and lows throughout the season. I do match betting, where you bet that one team will finish above the other........ie. Bristol City 5/4 to finish above Cardiff City 10/11. It's surprising if you do 6 - 7 teams, how it mounts up!........£1,245.00 for a tenner. Also had a reasonable amount of success in the past. Every Season the Racing Post bring out a publication called "Big Kick Off" a few days before the season (This year on Wednesday 4th Aug) which i find invaluable in making my choices, with it's in depth analysis.
  10. Shout out to Davefevs? I know of Morsy at Boro' and Laurent at Reading..................but who does Rhinamoto play for, I have not heard of him?
  11. The outpourings of grief and tributes on here are a testament to the high regard this truly wonderful man is held in. I count myself fortunate to have met him, and i have never forgotten his warmth and humour. A great man and an outstanding footballer. The term Legend is overused, but as far as TC is concerned, it could not be more appropriate. RIP Terry.......you will not be forgotten.
  12. If only I could have a bet with u? Ha! 12 to 14? The League will be won by one of four, namely ....................Bournemouth .Fulham WBA or Sheff Utd., I would put my house on it......if I had a house Ha!
  13. Exactly.........just as Villa are doing at present? They know Grealish is going, so rather than be held over a barrel, with clubs quoting them crazy prices, they plan ahead, and recruit in advance. Ashton and Johnson never seemed to plan ahead, it was always a last minute panic buy, as if it never occurred to them that they would need a replacement? Planning ahead tends to save you money and mistakes IMHO.
  14. You have a valid point, though I would observe that despite Norwich and Brentford selling respectively two outstanding talents, after the transfer''s they still retained within their squads a number of quality individuals? So by selling one player, they were then able to retain a strong viable squad. With City, as soon as anyone emerges as a quality player, that individual is often not around long enough to complete a decent amount of appearances? And then, as you quite rightly point out, we tend to squander our nest egg on average replacements. The difference between ourselves and Brentford/Norwich, is that they have the strength in depth to withstand the loss of a star man............we don't.
  15. Knowing the way our club operates these days, I would say that everyone should enjoy this kid and his talent as much as possible during the coming season....because It's a racing certainty, that come May 2022 he will be sold to the highest bidder ? I hope i am wrong, but Reid, Webster and Kelly make me believe it will probably be the case?
  16. I think that will turn out to be pretty accurate......I will definitely be having a bet on Fulham as Champions, and i can also see QPR getting into the playoffs
  17. 'Bout time they renamed themselves as.................:"City Old Boys" ?
  18. If you stood next to him in the trenches, he'd be the one with pencils up his nose, saying "Wibble"............then when u weren't looking.......he'd nick yer shovel
  19. This is great news!! NP stated that we needed to sell before recruiting a striker...................We have now sold someone, ........So "Phew!!" we can now go out and buy that "Put the ball in the net" Striker that we have all been longing for? ..... Or am I missing something Nige?
  20. We are obviously fitter and physically stronger this season, which hopefully will help us to see out games a lot better? I think the recruitment of Rennie and the new signings leads me to believe we will finish between 10th - 14th. If we could sign a quality targetman;, and a winger who could cross (Come back Elliason!?).....I would reassess to a top ten finish............dependent on injuries being avoided of course?.
  21. Portman Road Carpenters will be in tomorrow morning widening the door frames...........Give it a month or two, and those Tractor boy's will realise what they have let themselves in for?
  22. My family and friends talk of little else
  23. Anyone know where Sideshow Bob was yesterday ? Didn't spot him anywhere?
  24. I now remember why I do not watch women's football...........and these are the best 11-18 lady footballers in Great Britain? I assure you I am not being sexist.........I have given it a chance, but it's just dull.
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