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  1. Not looking forward to every Tom, dick and Harry bombarding for tickets! Great draw though!
  2. Hi all, Just passing a message on to those who went on the boat trip. The person who organised it is basically out of pocket due to others causing damage. The message on the link states: “As most of you know I organised a party boat for Fulham away, I’m not one for moaning when people enjoy theirselves but a few individuals got a little boisterous onboard and a result I lost the security/damage bond which I paid mostly from my own pocket. People have suggested that I set up a go fund me to try recoup some if not all of the money, any help would be most appreciated especially with Christmas around the corner. I’m glad everyone had a great day yesterday onboard and a massive 3 points to go along with it!! Thanks in advance and UP THE CITY!!“ https://www.gofundme.com/f/6u897b-security-bond?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-shee
  3. Sturman 1


    Not City related but for some reason I can't upload a tactic I was using from FM19, its a fmf file so I should be able to use it. I was able to use another one when I first downloaded the beta but cannot now!
  4. How arrogant is that Leeds fan? Get off your high horse pal!
  5. OTIB meltdown commencing in 5...... 4....... 3..... 2..... 1......
  6. I think we do need to give credit when its due, MA has taken our club to the next level alongside SL and LJ
  7. Waiting for this thread to be updated like...
  8. Can get some decent tents for £4million..... They are a thick bunch, how can a club in their situation turn down £4 million in the first place! IF a club even offered £500,000 + they would snap their hands off!!!
  9. Can see the faces of the Gasheads now when we offer Matty Taylor for Clarke-Harris on transfer deadline day!
  10. Had some spare time on the way to work and had the pleasure of re-reading this beautiful thread. I do wonder why this wasn't merged with this thread though? Anyway, enjoy the read!
  11. Why are you so triggered Tommy? People come and go, that's life I'm afraid.
  12. I hope this comes to light but I can imagine the EFL declining stating a deadline was set and we are sticking by our decision... here's to hoping the EFL use some common sense!
  13. Really shows the mind-set of those tinpot scumbags.
  14. I would be interested in seeing how we look in regards to FFP after this window, £14mill made on transfers but for players on a low(ish) wage in comparison to the new additions coming in that I would imagine be on top £££.
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