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  1. Get him signed on a long term contract. A top, top prospect.
  2. Bloody predictive text. Him and Fontaine are forming a defensive clanger duet.
  3. Not that it matters but his debut album was against Dundee United a few weeks ago.
  4. I'm gonna make one prediction with certainty, my Lions will be stinking out venues around the US through autumn and winter. Hopefully to get the no1 draft pick in Spring. Hoping the Bills win the Super Bowl.
  5. He is an attacking full back so opens up playing wingbacks if we want to.
  6. According to the Carlisle forum, one of the lowest paid first team players in their squad, moved there on a promise to get minutes under his belt and help get him in the shop window. Seems to have worked.
  7. Interesting, reading through the Web according to some articles about his youth career they quote him as left footed. Started as forward, then left wing, then left back and now shifted to right back. Clearly must be comfortable with both feet.
  8. Capped at England under 17 and 18 level. Good Pro and versatile. https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/sport/football/blackpool-born-youngster-signs-pro-deal-manchester-united-1051965
  9. Could be coming in to play left back. Initially a forward, Tanner made seven appearances for Manchester United's under-18 team in 2015–16,[4] and joined the club as an academy scholar in July 2016. After joining the club, he found himself used more as a full-back, and made 27 appearances from left-back in 2016–17.
  10. Hoping we have found a gem, remember though it is a massive step up from league 2 so patience will be required. Pearson and Simpson will teach him well.
  11. Was reported days ago. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/four-more-years-for-scott/
  12. Agreed, thankfully he did recruit for those positions otherwise we would even worse. He cannot sort out the imbalance with no money and one window, just need to accept it gonna take him or someone else time.
  13. Let's be honest he is crap, he has been a disastrous signing. Not a man for the trenches and best gone if we can convince a club to take on his wage.
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