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  1. MA and JL look like there on trial, you can see the unease on their faces when questioned. The public gallery and jury are not convinced.
  2. I doubt the club will even read it let alone acknowledge it. Sad times.
  3. @Blagdon red @Dollymarie @JerrySLO Whilst were at it can we push the club with regards to a communication regarding SC options for this season, with Covid I have zero desire to attend the stadium anytime soon as I live with people in vulnerable category. Not interested vin watching via TV I was content to keep my direct debit rolling to support the club but after the last few months I think as a customer the club doesn't deserve my money so will likely cancel my direct debit before the next payment is made. It would be nice to have an update from the club.
  4. He's the future. Well at least for 6 games.
  5. That's what the slimey one said, maybe its rolling but definitely stated 12 months. Twentyman just confirmed it's a 12 month rolling contract.
  6. We have absolute faith in him, best man for the job, our future, number one choice, vision to take us forward. Bearing all that in mind how long is his contract? 12 month. Oh! That much faith, ******* laughable.
  7. They had so much faith in him they gave him a 12 month contract. Yeah sounds like it Mark you cockwombat
  8. **** off you absolute ****.
  9. How long is his contact? Love to know how much faith the club really have in him.
  10. Whichever cheese uncle Steve and Mark tell me to like.
  11. He does need to at least step back, his ego gets the better of him, he does not learn from his mistakes and is currently a hindrance to our progression. A shame as I hoped he would have learned like he has with the rugby it's better to appoint people who understand the sport and let them get on and run the business, he cannot resist but interfere. Remember decade ago we finished around mid table in the Championship, we promoted Millen and an England man in Wigley. We were relegated that season. SL talks about ambition but as has been shown this is all talk.
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