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  1. Also brought through Scott, Semenyo and Conway. Reduced a bloated overpaid squad with minimal funds to recruit. Unfortunately some people are so blinkered. Reminds me of the Monty Python sketch, what did the Romans ever do for us.
  2. Naismith, controlled the back three, dominant and also showed his passing ability to start attacks.
  3. Get well soon Marvin, the whole of the City family are wishing you to full and speedy recovery.
  4. Best of luck to him and his family. I genuinely wish him the best of health.
  5. Quite possibly, it's always the most difficult step, stepping up to the first team. I think he has done fairly well but mainly been played out of position so difficult to assess his ability as a forward. Only just turned 20 so has plenty of time to adapt and make an impression, far to early to make any judgement on the kid.
  6. Both him and Conway are very talented young forwards, I see both having bright futures as they learn and progress over the next few seasons. Both need game time at senior level whether that is here or in the lower leagues.
  7. Surprised to see Tufan and Seri signed there. 5 years ago they were very promising players linked with top clubs. Neither done much in recent seasons.
  8. A true character of this fine club. Always enjoyed a chat and a joke or two. RIP Stoney.
  9. I don't see the comparison in playing styles so not like for like in my eyes. Simply Britton is not good enough at our level, he isn't/wasn't even our best youth striker hence seeing Bell an Conway given opportunities from the bench.
  10. @headhunter I've heard or seen you suggest several times he could play backup to Martin. A very good finisher but he is not up to Championship standard in the rest of his game and athleticism, his loans suggest he is not even a decent lower league player yet. He needs to be playing and best of luck to him. The fact that he is playing in the Irish 2nd Division says exactly where he is right now as a player. I hope he goes on to have decent career, I suspect that will be either League 2 or lower.
  11. Agreed. Fixtures, match reports, interviews with coaches and key Academy staff would be a welcome addition.
  12. It's about getting the right balance, I am happy to have more information about the Academy in general and u23/u18 players and as long as we're not adding more pressure to these teenagers or young adults. Not sure we need to know about every single injury for example. Like I said it's finding the appropriate balance.
  13. Football League World has zero journalistic credibility. Basically written by fans or kids from what I can see.
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