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  1. If he could has a run of finishing like that he will be gone.
  2. Complete mismatch in teams. Sometimes just have to hold your hands up say we got beaten by a far superior team that has been subsidised by Premier League money.
  3. The problem is Mark we can't live we this standard of players. Sometimes you have to just admit they are a far superior team.
  4. Yeah, was thinking he was more League 2 standard
  5. League 1 defence (excluding Kalas) vs a Premier League forward line.
  6. A legend, my first introduction to the NFL was his video game series.
  7. And people wonder why we are having to shop at Oxford and Carlisle for defenders. The owner, previous CEO and managers left this club in a right mess and whoever took over had a an uphill challenge to right the many poor decisions made before his tenure. I see a young hungry team with a few key experienced players trying to build something under difficult conditions without the terrible mismanagement of the past.
  8. I'm sure the bitching and in fighting will drag this off topic. Simply ban the idiot or idiots responsible.
  9. Agreed, shame there cannot be a bit of common sense from the authorities and allow the game to be streamed for those who feel they cannot attend.
  10. Not true, we have had one recorded death in the UK and others worldwide. Hospitalisation, then deaths tend to follow an increase in cases by two weeks (increased hospitalisation) and then deaths after four weeks. Its still too early to claim Omicron will not have significant impact on the NHS or fatalities.
  11. For me it is not worth the risk attending, being so close to Christmas and especially if visiting elderly family.
  12. I do wonder if an enforced winter break maybe sensible, looking how the Omicron numbers are sharply rising today and set to double every two days you have to question the sense in allowing 1000s to congregate in close proximity.
  13. Bloke is on a very low wage, brought in as a cheap back up and add some much needed leadership and guidance on the culture/attitude our manager is trying to install.
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