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  1. So does this point to 3 at that back again? He seems a capable ball playing left CB. Or is he here to play left back or even as a utility player?
  2. To be honest, reading their forum they sound as bitter as Gasheads so fuck them.
  3. Now almost guaranteed for him Hopefully another cog to push us up the table.
  4. We have offered him a 3 year deal, probably doubled his wages. He gets to live in a beautiful part of the country with amazing facilities. To any Luton fan, I understand your frustration but it's dog eat dog in the Championship. Nothing personal but get use to it. Don't be bitter, celebrate your success and trust your recruitment process to replace him.
  5. Doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Yes we could do with another player so we don't have to flog him to death but he has been instrumental in a front 3 that has nearly scored 40 goals this season which for a struggling team is decent.
  6. Nice bloke, really average manager.
  7. Horrible, what are the white smears all about. Taking the Robin theme a bit far smearing it in Robin shit.
  8. Don't be so certain people will blindly renew, I will as I have for the past 3 decades. There are plenty around me who are a little disillusioned with the club and the quality of what's being served up. For me this was a small chance to advertise a positive image and feel good factor which maybe a boost in the arm. I think we will see quite a lot of people not renewing this is just another straw.
  9. For me it's not the size of the increase. It does not really matter to me. For me it's the missed opportunity for some much needed decent PR. The additional 150k is a drop in the ocean (probably Palmer and Wells wages for a few weeks), by freezing prices the club can reset the tone and its image within the fan base. A freeze they could advertise as a good news story showing the clubs actually cares, that is worth far more than the additional money. City will likely spend more money on a single advertising campaign. Very much a missed opportunity as always. I just don't think my club cares about it's fanbase, and that image is far more likely to stop people renewing.
  10. I'm hoping with Gould in charge and now has his feet under the table that he is more in tune with the clubs core support. This is a big decision for me, after years of the absolute C U next Tuesday we had with Ashton and various PR disasters. The club better not mess this up, I know plenty of long supporting fans who are 50/50, losing interest or losing faith. We really need to avoid any PR disasters, who knows even a slight reduction would be a great bit of PR but I won't hold my breath on that one.
  11. It's happened to a few clubs, if relegated to the same league the B team is demoted to the division below.
  12. Against a defence of Pring, Atkinson and Cundy who have probably less than 50 Championship starts between them. Some of our fans need to give their head a wobble and realise this is rebuild that requires some patience. Any other manager or season we would probably be heading into League 1.
  13. Glad people can now move on, people losing their shit over a player who was earning a few hundred a week. Yet wasters like Palmer and Wells get a free ride earning 10s of thousands a week.
  14. Exactly this, seize his assets.
  15. Can you smash the phone that is on vibrate? Every week this happens. Ian with his usual agenda and sound bites supported by selected questionable stats to support his hot air. Close to switching off now to be honest.
  16. Hoping the underdog wins so supporting the Bengals, if the Rams win as I expect I will be happy for Stafford who I've spent a decade supporting for my awful Lions.
  17. Let's hope he does well enough to earn a permanent transfer.
  18. Apparently one of the lowest paid players in our first team squad. Who cares.
  19. I would move to a back 4. Put DaSilva back to left back. Maybe Kalas or Vyner at Right Back.
  20. I enjoy the podcast, though I do think it is generally a group of people with the same opinions and can be quite negative. Unfortunately Ian for me needs controlling as he is quick to interrupt and talk over others, which I imagine puts off other potential contributors. I don't agree with a lot of what he says but still value his opinion. Just needs better control and more respect if people are offering differing opinions, which is needed to keep it fresh.
  21. He also likes to call players out, most top managers deflect criticism of their players and foster a togetherness. He seems to be more concerned about deflecting criticism from himself. I can imagine it quickly puts noses out of joint within a team dynamic.
  22. Let's be honest his people skills when things get tough are one his biggest flaws. Would not be at all surprised if he lost the dressing room.
  23. What's Sunderland's budget compared to other teams in that league? Imagine it is sizeable so expected to at the top end.
  24. Greatest QB ever? Not sure, but his accolades put him up there with the very best. Always a thorn in many sides but have to applaud his incredible career.
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