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  1. German reporters saying this.
  2. Did you see the tyre on Stroll’s car - looked like the side wall had detached, it would be interesting to see the actual reports on the tyres, including those that didn’t fail, but had done similar laps.
  3. Oh dear Pirelli, looks like another race screwed up by tyre failures.
  4. She’s a musician as well? Is there no end to her talents…….
  5. Just goes to show that changing Mangers isn’t always a bad thing……
  6. I don’t remember the date or game of my first match, the earliest programme I had was 67, but I think I may have been taken before that. Had a couple of years where I haven’t gone, when motorbikes, parties, women and latterly fishing have taken precedence, but did have a season ticket for 26 years which I didn’t renew in the SoD era.
  7. Nobel prize winner and sometime singer, 80 today. Don't listen to his stuff much now, but loads stashed away on vinyl and I was quite into it at one time.
  8. Isn’t technology wonderful…..
  9. It’s been pretty dark on here all season…….
  10. Lighten up, the forum becomes a rambling mezze or smorgasbord of tangents every close season, we’ll wield the edit, merge and move buttons once we get into pre-season and it all get serious again.
  11. Quite like a Chimay or a Quintine myself and some of the Abbey brewed beers that were so strong I forget their name......
  12. All the shouting and crying about a European super league, but no one bats an eyelid at the unfairness of the parachute payments system.
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