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  1. Not a fan of either rap or the PSB, but wanted to watch the last night, so stuck with the PSB, great set. Reminds me of a festival I went to where UB40 headlined the Thursday night, again wasn’t interested to start with, but they were brilliant, festivals definitely introduce to music you wouldn’t normally listen too.
  2. I think Macca should have retired gracefully……….
  3. I’m certainly not a Hamilton fan, but I wouldn’t want to see him end his career because the car design makes it impossible for him to put up with the pain inflicted by the design. Interesting there was a lot of concern for the Ferrari reliability after Sundays race, when Verstappen and Leclerc have 2 technical DNF’s each. Long way to go yet, some of these cars may well develop more issues with reliability due to the porpoising you can only insulate components from excessive vibration so much.
  4. The Old Green Tree still survives as a ‘proper’ pub.
  5. Always worth leaving his number and trying to get in on a late cancellation.
  6. Doubt they saw this liability coming!!! Car insurer Geico may have to pay $5m after woman contracts STI in a vehicle - BBC News
  7. Just went and filled both my vans up from about 1/4 full, £190…….
  8. Saw it at €2.36l on a French motorway, but luckily didn’t need any!
  9. I’ve been to France, Belgium and Holland twice in the last two weeks, fuel is no cheaper over there, so it’s not some UK only rip off.
  10. I can add my 0.000000001% to your and @Red-Robbo ‘s and we’re on our way to a takeover bid……
  11. I can remember the the season when a Dolman POTD ticket went up to £9, I was most perturbed that it was costing me 10p a minute for the game. Seems a long time ago…….
  12. Depends if you want accuracy or not I guess.
  13. Is it not laws of the game, rather than rules?
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