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  1. Really….. Cardiff last 8 games LLLLLLLL
  2. His remit was keep Newcastle in the Prem, which he did but a decent margin, whoever went there was always going to be treading water with no cash to spend. I wish we had a shambles like that…….
  3. Unfortunate headline for this death…..
  4. I think I have this one…. If a game is drawn after 90 minutes, there is a penalty shootout and the winning team gets an extra point.
  5. I’d have a damn good go at spending it all……
  6. Took the Jaffa Cake Gin on holiday last week, in the morning with 3/4 of the bottle empty, I could still taste it - not sure I’d make it a regular drink, but it made a change. Now got this one from Chile, very good it is too!
  7. It is for me, but for those that did 30 years it was a full pension, rather then the more usual 40/60 scheme.
  8. …. an ad on eBay is too good not to share. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265345781696?hash=item3dc7d74fc0:g:WicAAOSwKQZhRbaP
  9. The 30/50ths scheme meant you got full pension after 30 years. I only had 4 years in it.
  10. I’ve moved around a lot, (had 20 jobs in 9 companies) so have several little pensions sat waiting for when I retire, a couple of them were final salary schemes one is 30/50ths, the other 40/60ths - wish I had 30 years in the 30/50ths at my current salary……
  11. Not many of them seem to know their arse from their elbow either……
  12. For some people it is a mind control device and how is FB going to console all those people who couldn’t put pictures of their tea up yesterday evening……
  13. https://www.privacyaffairs.com/facebook-data-sold-on-hacker-forum/
  14. https://whois.domaintools.com/facebook.com
  15. PNC have any nice titbits on him…..
  16. I’ve had some nice craft Mediterranean gins through a wine club. Below arrived today, yet to be opened and tried….
  17. Sky commentator just said Millwall have kept 1 clean sheet in 12 games…… we look incapable of scoring
  18. What a goal, what a player.
  19. Are you sure you know many City fans…… especially as we have more to commiserate ourselves on, than celebtrate!
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