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  1. Take the bulbs (lamps correct term) out one at a time and see it it stops, that will at least narrow it down to a particular switch /lamp holder or wiring.
  2. I maybe wrong, but I think gross misconduct would be something that is done during his employment, I would suspect, if convicted they can use reputational damage (and other clauses in his contract), but not gross misconduct.
  3. Sat in the pub with last nights games on, I will say I got quite into the womens game, it’s certainly much more like men’s cricket than women’s football to men’s football (I just can’t watch women’s football). I enjoy a test match, been to a few, watched plenty on TV, if this can bring a few more to cricket, then it will have done its job, but really a 20/20 on terrestrial TV, timed to get the England players, would have done the same thing.
  4. My post was not specifically about that incident, just penalties in general, it’s you who took it off to a tangent about a drivers driving style.
  5. No double standards, I merely suggested that perhaps time penalties don’t actually reflect advantages gained and if it’s a time penalty for one of the top half dozen, it’s less likely to cost them too much, rather than one of the bottom 14, who usually finish a long way behind a top six driver even if the top six driver has a 5 or 10 second penalty. You’ve turned your response into a critique of Verstappen’s driving, I did not suggest in anyway that he would be dealt with in any other manner than the rest. Personally, I think if it wasn’t for him, F1 would be have slid further into the procession it had become, but he needs to race within the rules, which according to the stewards on Sunday, he did, just a little more than Hamilton.
  6. I didn’t say that, I said a place penalty, like a grid penalty - so under the current system Drivers get 5/10 or longer stop and go penalties, make that one finishing position, two finishing positions etc for the severity. Did Verstappen get a time penalty for that - not that I recall, so why would he he get a finishing place drop? Just think back to Barcelona when Verstappen won his first race, Hamilton and Rosberg could have avoided that crash, it happens.
  7. Morgan could have been guilty of chucking this away trying to finish it with one hit, he’s lucky someone else realised two’s were enough.
  8. Saw Dr Feelgood there, also Eddie and the Hotrods, had some really good nights under the plastic palm trees….. only ever went there for the rock nights, never attended on the ‘disco’ nights, so no idea if they had the same atmosphere.
  9. Personally, I think if you receive a penalty it should mean something, whether you agree with the stewards or not, they deemed Hamilton predominantly culpable, he gains a huge advantage from this, I would make the penalty for causing another car to crash or retire from the race, a positional drop, rather than a time penalty.
  10. 3 penalty misses, just not good enough.
  11. Sterling has loads of endeavour, but just failing to produce the end product
  12. Italy looking favourites to win this now
  13. The update in this song is very poignant….
  14. It’s sounds a decent gesture and I’m sure it is, but the paragraph that starts out with that makes me somewhat cynical it could just be the tax being siphoned off?
  15. According to this he donated all future royalties in 2003 to the Boston Bombing fund. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57761227
  16. I won’t be watching watching on bloody ITV…… I doubt @TomF will either……..
  17. Hasn’t quite happened for Sterling, got into some good positions, but just not made the most of them,
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