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  1. If that’s the case, then I also have a degree of sympathy and am glad there was no CCTV or camera phones when I was a regular in town........
  2. Now video has emerged showing Stokes battering someone, he may not be going to the ashes......
  3. If only it had scratch and smell - deep heat, stale alcohol breath, sweat, rank farts, damp and mould aroma and all those smells strong enough to stay put even with an icy blast through the far from draught proof changing rooms..............
  4. I thought the 114-114 scorecard was probably right, neither did enough to win, but as one was defending, I guess he did enough not to lose his belt either.
  5. This could be a blow... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/41365601
  6. Might be the odd roach or tench amongst them.....
  7. The racist comment fan must be a moron, but I can understand the drunk - there have been times over the years that's it's been difficult, if not impossible to watch City sober, it must be tenfold having to go to the tented dump and watch them..... and taking drugs, I wouldn't get too excited about it, I doubt 100% of our fans would test clear on a match day......
  8. I am not a fan of the female commentators, TMS and the football, it's not their knowledge or style, it's the squawking when they get excited, too high pitched and the exaggerated enthusiasm that goes on just a little too long.
  9. Johnners was fantastic, I fear the new wave BBC will ensure that even TMS has to be dragged kicking and screaming into the the 21st century, which is a shame. I think Tuffers will become the new 'old character' but the wonderful, old world irrelevance and observational chatter on a wide range of subjects will suffer.
  10. Yep, Tuffers was a bit overcome by the sound of it, he got a hell of a send off from his TMS team, the crowd and the team.
  11. Proper way to get a 500th, fair play to him.
  12. They had some bizarre West Indian cricket poet in there, off his head on something by the sound of it.
  13. WTF are they smoking in the TMS box.......
  14. We truly are kindred spirits.... maybe some of those who have no wish to see them crumble to dust and blow away, weren't around in 82, when we thought we were losing our club, when there were collections on paydays ( Thursdays, as we were all mostly weekly paid back then) in pubs to raise funds, when people bought shares and rallied round. Whilst the vitriolic glee that those bastards showed, they circled like vultures, just waiting to feast on the carcass, they can **** off and die and the sooner the better. Detest isn't a strong enough word to help express my contempt for them.
  15. Hmm, choice of moving closer to work, work with a Premiership club that you claim to have a great affinity with, or leave and join one of the most raggy arsed, down to the bare bones division 3 clubs, with a tented, comedy ground, an owner that has had his purse strings drawn tight by his family and unless there is a secret and espensive plan with backing, nothing much looks like changing. Allied to that glowing LinkedIn profile, something doesn't add up.
  16. Nice red and white barriers...... posh looking new canopy as well, they are going up in the world.
  17. Oh ... stop it, it's enough to make someone who went through the piss taking and vitriol of 82, excited, very excited, at the prospect of Wally's adulation ending in administration.
  18. I must stop looking into this thread, I keep looking with hope that some of the foreboding tales of administration and asset stripping have become confirmed facts.......
  19. Not many of the pundits and ex players complaining about the declaration, dropped catches and bowlers having an off day put the mockers on winning it, I hope it doesn't deter him from being positive in future, it was better for cricket that the match didn't fade out into a boring draw, curtailed by bad light (I reckon they might have been off for the light, had it not been for the situation).
  20. This is looking dodgy, need a collapse and soon!!
  21. I have a longing desire to see this thread end, along with their club.......
  22. http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/258645.html Some theory on swing
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