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  1. NP's tenure so far reminds me of Danny Wilson's in a way. Danny Wilson lost his first three home matches (I think) but it was regarded all around the ground as a massive breath of fresh air following a Tony Pulis reign in which we hadn't lost a single match at Ashton Gate!
  2. I gave up a few minutes into FBC as well, it really was unlistenable (not the content, the sound quality).
  3. It would be a great idea if people could be trusted not to be arseholes
  4. Out of stock, the first team needed them
  5. We had players in the Euro's longer then Real Madrid did!
  6. He could even decide that they are people who work well with him and keep them around. That's just the optimist in me talking though
  7. Agree with every word, but we still need some kind of National Identity for sporting purposes, and we are claiming her for Britain
  8. At least we are trying to win this and not hanging on hoping to not lose
  9. It would take ridiculous money to prise him away in January. Next summer might be a different matter though....
  10. Is it too early to ask for Nakhi Wells to come on?
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