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  1. So both definitions are pretty much correct?
  2. Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
  3. Journeyman sounds like it should mean played for a lot of teams, but it doesn't. It means an average, reliable and fairly unremarkable player.
  4. Norman Hunter's shop would have overlapped with the early video stores for sure. Not sure when his shop opened but presuming it was after his retirement in the early eighties? Video shops started to spring up around 1979-1980ish
  5. The thing is @Better Red, your own list seems to suggest maybe 20% of the academy players coming through are good enough for our first team. That's a pretty darn good conversion ratio to my mind. When you then add in a good 60-70% of the players that don't become regulars for us will have solid careers elsewhere, probably with sell-on clauses etc. then it seems like a very good investment for the club indeed.
  6. The highest Weston got was Conference South. Also a strange one was that their relegation to the Southern Premier recently was the first relegation in the club's history!
  7. @shahanshahan - What's Gerry Sweeney done to upset you?
  8. No idea but there's always the song about it...
  9. Dider Drogba apparently barely played football until he was 15.
  10. agreed, though on this occasion it did cross the line into malicious and I think it one of the very rare times (possibly the only time) that a ban was justified.
  11. I'd imagine it would be based more on the severity of the transgression
  12. I didn't call anyone pathetic, I said you couldn't blame anyone for not pushing through. Having said that, I'm not sure I'd have sued to get my ticket money back, that does seem a bit crap to me.
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