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  1. richwwtk

    No knee

    I think we can agree that, in the main, the people booing are not doing it because they are racist but because they believe the information out there that tells them that the players are taking the knee because they want to promote marxism and defund the British Police. There is now more than enough information out there to know that this is categorically not the case and taking the knee is an anti-racism display and nothing more. It has also been made clear by some that booing the display will be interpreted as a specifically racist act. @Cowshed@2015@spudski(for example, though fill yer boots if you want to answer) - What should we think of people who continue to boo from this point on?
  2. It's amazing that there's even a chance he won't do jail time if found guilty looking at his record, a suspended sentence and a prison sentence already for similar offences. I do agree with him on December 2006 on that list though.
  3. What planning is he on about? Is this something to do with the fruit market stadium opening in a couple of months?
  4. I'm with Rob, It should be called "Robins High Standard That Is Predictable And Reproducible - But Not Exceptional Centre", just rolls off the tongue.
  5. That's what I was thinking, but I was bowing to @Bristol Rob's superior knowledge
  6. richwwtk


    I was listening to the match on Radio 5 in the car and their commentators were watching TV rather than actualy there, kept mentioning how frustrating it was that they couldn't always see what they wanted to.
  7. That's because we always seem to sell our top scorer pretty darn quick, until Fam that was
  8. Is citystats still alive? I remember spending fricking hours putting all the data into that when we originally set it up back around 1996/7!
  9. Cheers Rob. I have always though it was Richard Gould and had a bit of a dislike of him because of this for years. My memory is obviously as addled as I believe it to be! Much happier with this appointment now.
  10. He was also the man that would have been responsible (if we had beaten stoke) for the City mascot at the time being the person to climb the steps a Wembley to be presented with the trophy. Something to do with it being family friendly I recall. I also remember the dumbfounded looks on the faces around us when they played the club anthems pre match. Stoke had Delilah, our turn came with everyone ready for The Wurzels and what came out of the tannoy was Hi Ho Silver Lining. That, along with the Champagne shirts and the kit/badge debacle make me wonder. He certainly didn't understand football fans back then, I hope he has learnt with time.
  11. Actually, I thnk it probably was Swansea now you mention it!
  12. Barnsley, Sunderland and Forest Green for me. Brentford have never been promoted via the playoffs despite eight attempts - and I thought we had one of the worst playoff records!
  13. Maybe this would be better as a thread in it's own right but.... As well as Stan Collymore, the two performances that I remember as standing out at Ashon Gate against us over the years were John Salako for Palace and Marco Gabbiandini for Sunderland. Can't remember dates or scores though, apart from we lost both matches.
  14. This is the one that hits home hardest for me, it could have been any of us at an average away game, not a big cup match with huge crowd or anything, it could literally have happened to any of us at any match. I remember being in the EE that day and hearing the news. RIP the 54
  15. I have nly ever had one job where I had to work with gasheads, unfortunately it was around 97-99 which was the ast time in history they were anywhere around us in regards to league placings. If we went in and they were above us in the league they were unbearable. This period of my life has stayed with me in footballing terms and also means I will never wish them well.
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