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  1. To be fair it's clear at the start of the clip that he was indeed pushed. I'm not sure he can claim to have been trying to step over him, but it's not particularly clear whether he actually does land a stamp on him or just misses. Also, somebody earlier was claiming it would be particularly nasty as he would have had football boots on. He was injured for this match and would have been just wearing trainers in all probability. I don't think anything will come of it as it's really not as obvious as some seem to think it is.
  2. Minor error there, but a really good point otherwise
  3. It's a shame that it isn't a single poster. Somebody did exactly the same thing over in the politics forum during a discussion about transgender people using changing rooms. The difference was over there people leapt to his defence when I called him out on it!
  4. If it's a subject you are keen to discuss then, yes, starting a new thread would have been the thing to do. Somehow I don't see you as the type to be particularly interested in doing that though, going by some previous behaviours. You would much rather just try to be contrary when you are not particularly comfortable with a topic. You judged this one wrong though.
  5. Why would you be uncomfortable with it? Scared you might catch something?
  6. I just had to google it to find out. Someone on this forum is almost equating coming out as gay to being a paedophile. Just goes to show how much work still needs to be done!
  7. It's been removed from my subscribed podcasts for a while now, that was for a combination of the awful sound quality and Ian Gay. You can fix one but not the other. I should also say though, that I fully imagine there are people it would appeal to. That being the people that like the phone-in contributors on Radio Bristol. To call it shit and dismiss it out of hand is to not appreciate the time and effort that the people making this podcast put in. If you don't like it then just don't listen. Christ knows there's enough podcasts out there I've done that with, and there are also enough to keep the world supplied many times over. Bristol City specific podcasts though, are a scarce commodity (there are 3 I think?), and each should be encouraged and not denigrated.
  8. Whatever excuses they come up with for the reduced capacity, it seems an amazing coincidence to me that the capacity was reduced to below 10,000 just as the potential added costs of staff required to check Covid Passports for venues holding over 10,000 came in.
  9. I did wonder myself. Parachuted
  10. More likely the abusive and threatening behaviour got him his ban, but that wouldn't be as controversial a story.
  11. So we would have been relegated if we hadn't got so many points and had a huge injury crisis? Would it not be better to just say that, on the overall balance of things, we are the 17th best side in the division? Staying up was hardly down to good fortune alone was it?
  12. As it usually seems to be about 70:30 in the opposition's favour getting 50:50 yesterday felt like we completely dominated!
  13. I know the steward you're talking about and he certainly isn't the least bit violent. I also doubt that steel toe-caps are part of the stewards getup. I think the biggest problem is that stewards get minimal training, are given their orders to stop people getting on the pitch and are left completely helpless and under a lot of pressure when these fools decide to invade as they did yesterday.
  14. Although some, no doubt, will just point out how lucky we were that there were 6 teams worse than us in the division.
  15. Just thought I would post my 100 completed stats for no real reason
  16. richwwtk


    Wish I'd been there if they did
  17. Williams being a bloody good midfielder that improves us as a side when playing.
  18. Patriotism is being proud of your country and believing it to be a decent place, something that the current government (and Brexit) are making it very hard to do. nationalism is blindly believing your country is superior to all others regardless of evidence, something that the current government (and Brexit) are a shining example of. I'm going to stop now as this is in football chat and not Politics
  19. Nothing wrong with being patriotic, it's nationalism that causes problems.
  20. richwwtk


    I agree with you about higher or lower, and that doesn't bother me too much as it is obviously for the kids. It would be funny though, just for once, to see a contestant with a bit of nous about them trying to deliberately lose.
  21. richwwtk


    I get exactly what you're saying and I've tried to ignore him, I really have, but something about his presenting style just grates. You say it's like ads on the radio, I never listen to commercial radio precisely because of the ads and the excitable overhyped presentation style they all use, I don't even watch TV with ads if I can avoid it. Trouble is I can't choose to not go to City. Also, I have never seen a kid getting enthusiastic because of his style. Mine hate it, but that might be my influence of course.
  22. richwwtk


    Nothing wrong with the song at all, but for as long as I can remember it's been Drink Up Thy Cider when we win and Blackbird when we don't.
  23. They did play at AG for a few games in 1980.
  24. Daily Octordle #88 octordle.com Same word for all of them!
  25. What on earth is going on with octordle today?
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