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  1. I have been told that it is some bloke who works in Ipswich who is to blame
  2. Yes Jacki was a very talented player in his time Shame that when he was at City it was not his time 7 Goals, a few tricks and no effort should not make a player a legend
  3. Why would Carlisle only bring around 20 When their fan have a great opportunity to visit the world famous Memorial Ground!!! and watch their team play against the Blue and white quarters What a honour for them
  4. Agree with opening post Talks very well and seems a good bloke but would not wont to up set him!!!!
  5. Go and look at the last 20 players SAF signed and tell me how many were any good or value for money
  6. I dont think the Man Utd job was to big for him Taking over from Sir Alex and the mess he left the squad was to much for him Had he been backed like OGS has been he would have been fine
  7. I still see the Gas as our main rivals Followed by Swindon Only time I ever seen Cardiff as a rival was in the Earnshaw years This has to do with my age I still think of the "Big" 6 in English football as Liverpool Man Utd, Arsenal , Spurs Everton and Villa
  8. One from the past i miss We are top of the league We are top of the league
  9. Nothing bright about that Bloke is a total b#####d
  10. Sounds a bit like Test Cricket
  11. It wont be a draw No way will Usyk knock out AJ three times!!!!!!! Thats the only way Usyk will get a draw in this fight
  12. Yeah and some still thinks this happens only in the USA!!!!!
  13. Yeah that was about 100 yards from where i am
  14. You only need to change Shirt and socks if there is a clash
  15. Bit of a knob!!! Wish i could be that nice about him
  16. Just find AJ very manufactured A bit like Big Frank but better
  17. Worst fans in sport par none Got a bad feeling about this weekend Think the yanks will do us
  18. Yeah cant wait 3 days of golf with the sound off I can put up with the Yanks mouth for 20mins tops and that is only if im in a good mood to start with
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