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  1. She had the injury before she when to Japan and she knew she would not run good times should not have got on the plane Cost another athlete a place in the olympics
  2. Not really like for like Players you quoted are holding types
  3. Do you think he could be a regular at a bigger club than villa? If so who
  4. Its simple Tell the players the date of the tour and just ask them if they want to go or not If they are not happy to go dont go Im sure the ECB can find enough players who would love to play for England in an ashes series
  5. Wonder if these same players would pull out of the IPL for the same reason!!!!!
  6. Done Mansfield for the last two seasons Left them alone this season SO THEY WILL WALK IT!!!!!
  7. i have gone with the following Bournemouth ----- Fulham Sunderland------Ipswich Salford-----------Bradford Stockport-----Chesterfield
  8. Not to sure about that For the first season they would be every teams cup final and every team would be right up to do them Thats why i think they would struggle
  9. IMO both clubs would only get into playoffs if they were in league 1
  10. Is the the Joe Bryan who has played in the prem for a good Fulham team or the Joe Bryan who some on here think he wasnt good enough to get into our team
  11. Gypos!! Lets await the PC mob They will love you!!!!
  12. Jackie Mason American stand up comedian or for the younger posters he was the voice of Hyman Krustofsky (Krusty the Clowns dad) in the Simpsons Passed away aged 93
  13. All a total waste of time xG or what ever they are called count for duck all REAL goals are the ONLY goals that matter
  14. Yeah you can now have sports pastimes and hobbies in the Olympics Bridge and Dominos next
  15. Do Laverne and Shirley still work there? (GOD showing my age)
  16. Your in the right place to get yourself a beer They make enough of it there
  17. One of the three ex Leicester boys would be my guess
  18. Yeah was there that day One of if not the best player i have seen at the gate (Brady)
  19. I know the foxes have just brought him ,but no idea what their plans are for him this season Just throwing a different name into the hat along with the million others quoted on here
  20. Well it took the fastest car out of the race Leaving LH with the fastest car Sums up F1 fastests/best car wins
  21. That would be hopping then not running!!
  22. Loads of LH fans on here i see!!! His fault end of
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