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  1. Do you think he may have a bit to much on his plate to do a good job? Only asking
  2. Doesn't take away how bad Sibleys technique is Batting is a side on game Basic
  3. Mercer or Heaton he is not But more than good enough for a poor championship club We have bigger problems than our keeper
  4. Im no manager and unlike many on here I wouldnt tell NP how to do his job But if my 3 best defenders were all centre backs I would change the formation to fit them all in ( 3-5-2) only problem with that is Do we have 2 players who can good a good job at wing back
  5. He is a centre back Thats his best position So play him there Any other position for him is putting the wrong peg in the wrong hole Just as it is with Wells He is a centre forward Playing him anywhere bar up for would be wrong
  6. I cant believe there is anybody on here that thought this season was going to be fun The club and Pearson have made it clear its going to be a long hard road He has managed to get rid of a lot of dead wood He has managed to get the players fitter What will take time is changing the mentality of the players and the culture of the club If your not in it for the long run Best walk away now
  7. Any post saying play square pegs in round holes
  8. No But i dont scapegoat players
  9. Zak Vyner The official OTIB Season 2021/2022 Scapegoat
  10. If we had PEP as manager Posters on here would still throw their toys out of the pram and say he hasnt got a clue. If he didnt pick the team they wanted
  11. Well all have have taken from these 16 pages is that there are big divisions on this subject Taking the knee is meant to bring people closer The only thing it is doing is making those divisions even wider
  12. Very sad news RIP Great poster who will be missed on here
  13. Some of the booing will come from racists Some of the booing will come from fans who have just had enough of being preached to
  14. I was not talk about making eye contact I was just saying if its no bodies business if somebody wants to clap it is no bodies business if some body wants to boo As you say making someone feel uncomfortable is wrong what ever way around
  15. Just a question If it is none of his business whether you clap or not Why is it any bodies business if somebody boos or not?
  16. Yeah you were allowed to wave and fly flags back then without some snowflake being offended
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