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  1. Out of likes but good, sensible post and calls it as I see it too.
  2. At least one of today’s incidents was Coventry vs Derby. Violence inside the ground and outside.
  3. He’s already backed him by giving him a 3 year contract.
  4. It’d be so Bristol City that we’d actually get a win today though!
  5. Completely agree. I am sure many of us have seen similar situations in our professional lives.
  6. I wish him well health wise but not sorry to see him goal at all. Nige needs his people in his team.
  7. Some of them walk past us at El Rincon and can be vocal there from time to time.
  8. You may have a point but the focal point is still that area and Natch Wall by the park.
  9. I think you make a good point @Olé about our home form but I do think there is something about us being in this post COVID world and it impacting football violence. Since the start of the season it's been everywhere on a scale I don't think we've see for nigh on 20 years. We've had incidents as @Pezo mentioned above, which like you I saw as well. To have so many incidents against Swansea, Preston, Fulham, Forest and even Blackpool is unusual. You could argue Swansea and even Forest would always be flash points with or without COVID but Blackpool? When you then look nationally there is a clear increase I think: Man Utd vs Leeds, Newcastle vs. Leeds, West Ham vs. Rapid Vienna, Leicester vs. Napoli, Hull City vs. Sheffield United, Macclesfield Town vs. Congleton, Man City vs. Arsenal, Huddersfield Town vs. Hull City, Wigan vs. Gillingham, Burnley vs. Arsenal......just the ones I know of this season so far already where there has been disorder. Similar to our game against Swansea you could argue that Man Utd vs. Leeds or the European ties would always be trouble; but Arsenal games? Much like we've all been 'chomping at the bit' to get back to live football after well over a year without it due to COVID, I do wonder whether this apparent resurgence of football violence has the same rationale.
  10. I had heard the same elsewhere. For all the moaning on other threads last thing we need is NP to be poached on a short term basis by them.
  11. I think the only reason he did was that he was still under contract and we had no interest in him.
  12. Who is the best player to be in the stands with the fans not on the pitch?
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