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  1. All about the wing play and cross for me, lovely stuff.
  2. Completely agree. After all of the superb play and tactics leading up to that moment the penalty shoot out was very poor. Rashford, Sancho and Saka all had very poor attempts. When your keeper saves two you should be in with a chance. The senior players seemed to go AWOL though, although GS said that was the running order from training so maybe the occasion got to them. Either way it’s a massive opportunity missed.
  3. Rashford, Sancho and Saka all shit pens but the more senior players went into hiding there. What a missed opportunity when your keeper save two. Oh well, only three weeks until much more important football!
  4. It’s not even a debate for me, City every time.
  5. At the time of joining us I would say David James. When he started against Millwall on the first day of the season his previous game had been a few weeks prior in the World Cup in South Africa, playing Germany.
  6. Completely agree on COD, rather have the dog in midfield. Awful kit in my view, badge and Hummel logo in the centre just looks wrong.
  7. Indeed. Struck a chord with me when Pato mentioned the “family feel” when he left. Hopefully NP is getting rid of all that.
  8. Worrying for those not good enough yes.
  9. Agreed, would prefer Spain if we get through.
  10. Was thinking the same still plenty of names on that list who aren’t good enough and I would like to see leave.
  11. Brilliant news and a fantastic signing!
  12. Oxford fan I work with is gutted about this potentially happening citing him as the best defender they’ve ever had.
  13. PlayStation football this!
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