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  1. Well said, I thought the same reading that. He’s calling out some of the same thinks Pearson has.
  2. Yes, referring to Sky Sports he said “I don’t want this shit on”! Chant for next season then, “Nigel says, Sky Sports is shit, Sky Sports is shit, Sky Sports is shit!”.
  3. Pearson said we’d only bring those better than what we have so must rate him higher than a lot of our existing players.
  4. It wasn’t just Leeds but Fulham as well, both of which LJ stated as having turned his head (after verbally telling LJ he would sign for us), he rejected three contract offers from us, finally signing a new deal when the Fulham one fell through.
  5. Indeed thank goodness for that. All that paper talk was either nonsense or didn’t amount to anything. A superb start to close season already with him having gone. Sweepstake on where he will end up? Ipswich perhaps? Maybe even the Gas? Already on ice mate!
  6. Excellent points. Along with all that I’d much rather we use any money potentially spent on his continued wages on our academy and young players. I actually find it surprising he doesn’t get more criticism not less, especially when you consider far better players in our squad have had plenty.
  7. Well said, completely agree. Likewise, he’s part of the family feel fluffy Bristol City of the Ashton era that needs to be cleansed from our club.
  8. Fair challenge, I should’ve said extremely poor! Hopefully any media talk of him signing a new deal is just that and hopefully with the likes of Kane Wilson signing then O’Dowda can leave quietly and be a distant memory.
  9. Agreed. I don’t hate him, in fact from what I understand from those who know him he’s a really nice lad. Problem is he’s a very poor Championship footballer who has season after season proved to be incapable of performing at this level. If he was a youth player just breaking in or a new player finding his feet one could cut him some slack but he isn’t. He’s been here SIX years and reached the height of mediocrity. Honestly players like Alex Scott have done more in six games than he’s shown in six years. We have had worse players technically over the years but taking seasons served, games played and contributions made he’s one of the worst players we have ever had in my time watching City.
  10. Good grief. I hope this is press nonsense, he should be the first one out the door this close season.
  11. Has he been sacked yet? Watford can’t be that far off sacking managers as they are appointed!
  12. Some game TBF, if it was us we’d be saying it was one of the best games ever.
  13. I like this. Greater reward for finishing higher up the table.
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