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  1. First Saturday in July is the normal date isn’t it?
  2. All good points Rob mate, I was thinking about the likes of Wetherspoons open from 8am (or earlier) and shops where you can alcohol anytime. Plus of course some people choose other recreational drugs!
  3. Does bringing fixtures forward a couple of hours really make a difference these days? With all day drinking and the drug culture around football I don’t really see what difference it makes especially for high profile potential flash point games.
  4. Fair point well made!
  5. Is this still happening next weekend?
  6. Well yes and TBF if it was LA or Cardiff it will be an easy choice for me too!
  7. I guess that depends on your perspective, social group, friends, family etc. He was brilliant in my view BTW.
  8. So playing for his home town club on much less wages so he could play golf and concentrate on the World Cup wasn’t too much of a driver then?
  9. Completely agree and somewhat underrated and under appreciated IMHO.
  10. He is completely finished here, I don’t ever recall such a public and acrimonious exit for a player, and he was just on loan!
  11. I didn’t think they sounded that good either and I normally like them. Nowhere near as good as last time they were there.
  12. IDLES on now! Like a shot of adrenaline straight into the heart! Need more of there music at the Gate and Danny Nedelko sung for Semenyo. I bet @Shtanley is in that mosh pit!
  13. Also referred to players wanting to be here, ergo pleased we have got rid/getting rid of those that don’t.
  14. Best for all involved and agreed one of our most frustrating signings ever. Cleary has some talent and looked good in a few games with Afobe but it’s hard to tell where he fits in.
  15. Yep she’s good no shits given at all.
  16. Yep, had it not been Qatar we’d be in the tournament right now so I’m not buying that we’re tired excuse.
  17. To be fair that interviewer was giving Kane a grilling, he didn’t enjoy that at all.
  18. David James in goal for England, first ex City player to play in Socceraid?
  19. Just about to post something similar. What problem is this trying to fix exactly? Football not exciting enough for the EFL already?
  20. Fantastic signing! Nice interview as well, interrupting a family holiday as well.
  21. Further confirms a lot of what we suspected with MA.
  22. Lee Tomlin has called him a snake on Instagram! O’Dowda meanwhile says of signing for Cardiff: “I’m at a stage in my career where I’m hungry, I want to achieve as much as I can, and I feel as though I could be hitting my prime now. So, it’s all about kicking on with the right team, the right manager and a fantastic club."
  23. Not only do we get rid of the biggest wastes of a wage in years and arguably our greatest ever underachiever, but to one of our biggest rivals as well! Given the reception club legends like Pack and Flint have had playing for Cardiff one would think O’Dowda (who achieved less in six years then either of the aforementioned did in six games) will be ridiculed mercilessly next season. The Gas would’ve been better but fair shout mate!
  24. At normal speed it didn’t look a pen to me.
  25. Nice City flag with the England fans.
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