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  1. Good episode I thought and a fair assessment especially from the host who absolutely nailed my thinking on O’Dowda. Audio was loads better as well.
  2. Interesting discussion between the Colchester United chairman and supporters (link contains swearing just in case you need to know!):
  3. We’ve been critical in the past but to be fair this looks pretty decent.
  4. Well quite. I know I’ve been to the point in this thread and others on the subject; but this isn’t like he’s a relatively new signing who hasn’t been given a chance. He’s been given multiple chances by different managers in different squads and still failed to deliver to anything like consistent Championship quality football. He’s at a prime age for a professional footballer and should be showing the best of his ability at this time, whereas he’s actually out performed by teenagers.
  5. Whilst I agree with you this is more than just about the money for me. Its the lack of any evidence of realising potential and making any progress whilst all the while feeling comfortable. Even at £5k a week I’d really question the capability, desire and passion to succeed. I’d rather spend the money on someone new or increase the salary/ies of academy graduate/s.
  6. Completely agree I will be very disappointed if he’s still here next season. It’s time we both moved on.
  7. It’s the happy in the area/family club soft touch nonsense that got us into this mess in the first place. Easy life in Bristol, they pay the wages, low expectations etc. etc. I hope there is no sentiment here and he’s judged purely on worth and therefore will be shown the door in August.
  8. Completely agree. There is no conundrum at all in my opinion. He’s done absolutely nothing to remotely warrant a new contract and time and again has failed to prove any potential. Its been almost six years now. The likes of Alex Scott have done more than he’s done in six months! First person to let go in the summer in my view.
  9. Absolutely nailed your report @Olé mate and the assessment of O’Dowda. Just enough now. This season had to be his last chance and again he’s proved he’s just not good enough; and when compared to the relatively inexperienced players around him it’s even more stark.
  10. Spot on. They are a completely different class.
  11. Me I think, and go back to the City List days of the mid 90s.
  12. Even though Ian faded in and out a few times (not necessarily a bad thing!) I thought this was the best episode of the season so far. Apart from the above the audio was generally good, fair discussion and debate and I completely agree with the host on O’Dowda. He’s had an OK last few games despite being poor against Fulham but in the context of the last near six years it’s a really disappointing City career, and one for me that needs to come to an end when his contract is up in August/September.
  13. Agreed mate, £10 and quid a kid and it perhaps would’ve been 15k+.
  14. I enjoyed his press conference earlier, really honest again.
  15. Out of likes but well said mate.
  16. He didn’t really celebrate the goal, his team mates came up to him to congratulate him, then when they turned back to the centre spot he went to his knees and pointed to the sky. We then clapped the acknowledgement and when he got back up he clapped us back.
  17. Out of likes but how lovely is that?
  18. Agreed mate I didn’t see it in the match day thread either and like you thought it deserved a mention.
  19. Said much the same in my own thread just now mate. Wonderful if poignant moment.
  20. Apologies if this is mentioned in the Millwall match thread but I’ve not seen it there or elsewhere: I thought it was fantastic, poignant even, when Afobe scored his penalty that firstly he pointed to the sky (assumably referencing the tragic death of his baby daughter) and secondly most of the South Stand clapped him and then he clapped us back. Fantastic to see and a touch of class from the fans. Feels like he will always have a little piece of us in his heart and vice versa.
  21. Quietest I’ve ever heard Millwall in the ground and after, where were they?!
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