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  1. Santa's on a Bike from Winterbourne Academy start approx 13:00pm Route is towards Bradley Stoke Aztec west down the A38 to the bear pit and the return is via Park street then on to the Children's Hospice at Charlton Farm. Riders are requested to wear Santas outfits
  2. If the council wanna sort out the problems of traffic going past the City ground after games if drivers are coming from Cumberland Basin towards the City ground,force the traffic towards the Weston-s-m road and use the new link road to highridge/hartcliffe
  3. Woking, what science fiction film was based on the trees in one of the the wooded areas of the town?
  4. Can you supply link? My needs are simple,I wish that Marsh Road junction with Winterstoke road would be closed off so traffic could flow freely "down the slope"
  5. Waterboard still digging a hole near the pub,opposite the Royal Mail depot
  6. and the "B" side is John Lennon screaming "Don't let me down" I presume it was aimed towards Yoko Ono
  7. I thought I did mention the ref on Sunday booked TEN players on his previous game he reffed in the home defeat by swansea this season. Four city players and six from Swansea
  8. For all those driving to hull,suggest taking the M180 route and across the humber bridge/river I am going the barton on humber route and catch the bus across the bridge
  9. Akthough it was not the best of return trips due to the snow,we decided to stay at the Travelodge hotel on Sunday night. As I had been offered to be taken to Sheffield by car. In the past when the Northern away trips are at mid day-ish on Sundays(very rare) I would drive to Birmingham and catch the train from Birmingham Street Although in the future I'll be catching megabus to Birmingham and catch the train from New street To sum up,if the snow had not fallen we could have been home just as darkness was arriving
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10249905/World-Cup-Qatar-draft-actors-dummy-run-British-police-send-22-officers.html
  11. some city fans might decide not to travel to sheffield on Sunday,with the game now being live on sky if you are going just make sure you have all match day tickets with you, just in case some city fans will take a chance and head to the game with out a match day ticket see all you hoardes in sheffield on sunday
  12. After the appointment of Paul Heckingbottom as their new Manager(not well recieved) and Bertie looks nothing Joe Cocker
  13. and my request is simple,Bristol City should not have to travel more than 120 miles for midweek games when the fixtures are first published
  14. Sheffield train station,the largest train station in the U.K. that does not have ticket gates.
  15. in the last couple of days? and got the wellcome pack signed by all the team May I ask if any one knows what was in the pack or if they might want to sell it
  16. BBC red button 601 at 4pm friday afternoon(26th november 2021) As I have stated in the past,I ain't going and I am saving my money for Germany and USA Will I watch England? YES I WILL and I will refrain from buying World cup related items
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59403830
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