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  1. Guys drop me an e-mail when your ready for me to collect them. johngreatwestern@aol.com
  2. Bradley Ash scores the winner for Weymouth against Swindon,DOWN in deepest Dorset.
  3. cidered abroad I think that was a very uncalled for comment,I have no intention of dieing just yet. I have no interest in team sheets or football programmes,I just try and stop them going in the trash can The team sheet/programme was for some one who is older than me. Mark, thanks for the link,did you attend?
  4. Any one know if they'll have a match day programme or team sheet?
  5. Be nice to see loads of the Blackpool fans in the away end,after all this time
  6. When I saw him playing for Coventry against the City,he always put the fear of God in me,and I was only watching.
  7. Not sure if this might be the same interview but radio bristol will be doing an interview with steve started 06:41am saturday morning 17 july
  8. in Italy https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/serie-a-bans-teams-from-wearing-green-kits-from-2022-23-season-onwards/ar-AAMcgXs?ocid=uxbndlbing
  9. An hourly train service from Taunton to BTM every hour ain't that bad.
  10. Can't see it effecting the hoards of Bristol City followers heading to away games. Middlesborough TOO FAR,and can't see many going but I'll be there though.I might even get the plane there Reading and cardiff easier to drive, although I will still go by train
  11. Would anyone have access to ONE of the posters/billboards that were outside larger pubs promoting the Euros,or where I could get one? Willing to pay for one, if anyone can help out,thanking you in advance.
  12. Listening to five live with their thoughts that the olympics could be held in one country due to costs for ever. Would that suit football as regards to the Euros and World cup?
  13. We would all like our team to do well,but their can only be one winner. https://www.67hailhail.com/news/celtic-supporters-groups-cancel-planned-rally-before-preston-match/
  14. The Bristol rugby fixtures will be announced on 13 july(THATS TODAY) I think they do their best not to have Bristol homes games on our current Bristol City homes games. Just a heads up just in case any of our fixtures clash
  15. The Club wishes to update supporters on the ticketing information for the 2021/22 pre-season season fixtures at the Memorial Stadium. It's with regret that our pre-season encounter against Plymouth on Saturday, 17th July will now be played behind closed doors, with spectators not permitted to attend. The Club has taken this decision due to an array of factors associated with the hosting of a test event before the COVID-19 restrictions are eased further from July 19th.
  16. https://www.gwr.com/help-and-support/changing-your-ticket?utm_source=Nevertransacted&utm_medium=email&utm_term=find_out_more&utm_content=EB1153996&utm_campaign=GWR_BOOK_WITH_CONFIDENCE_ENG_JUNE_21
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