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  1. And now we get an apology from the authorities that the Hull City penalty, wasn't, and we should of had two in the game. A bit late now
  2. They seem to be working well together. We have had T T ( Taylor and Turner). Now the WC connection
  3. Very vocal in the pitch . Good leadership .
  4. Considering we have only had 7 penalties in 4 seasons, and Blackpool had 8 last season, alone , definitely
  5. Not playing today v Wigan. Is he having talks with anyone ?
  6. But if you give the capacity to Weimann, would he lose his sharpness on the pitch, while he is thinking about others, and other things on the pitch No Bentley is fine, or Klose would be better. International experience.
  7. Work next door to them. Finally we don't get their parcels anymore
  8. Hope we all have a good day today A positive win for Bristol City. Can't wait to get down there. COYR COYR COYR COYR COYR COYR
  9. Best wishes Marvin. Xxxxxxxx
  10. Brilliant game. Well done England
  11. Good job to. It spoils it for everyone else, who go to watch, and support.
  12. R I P Stoney A City legend
  13. Well played Ireland My All Blacks team needs to sort a lot of things out. But come the World Cup, we will be back to our best.
  14. Gone gone gone by Phillip Phillips
  15. Zoo. Last train to Clarksville by The Monkees.
  16. Are there anymore spaces available ? If so, who do you contact.
  17. Hives. Beeswax by Easy Life
  18. Blur. I Can't See Nobody Song by Bee Gees
  19. Congratulations Alex Scott
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