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  1. @Shtanleythere’s your @Davefevsepisode
  2. I did that a while ago. Got a few followers but couldn’t be arsed in the end to keep it up
  3. Thank you for all the kind comments re the interview, guys. It really struck me how honest he was happy to be, nothing avoided and admitted his own failings as readily as anyone else’s - no excuses given
  4. The bookies simply follow the money in a market like this (with no statistics or evidence to set prices) and right now most punters money will have been placed on Gerrard & Hughton - they aren’t suddenly going to smash him up to 12/1 because the Sunday Express report he’s said no. They’ll move prices once money starts coming into someone else
  5. “How can LJ boss/teach international players when he's never played above Championship level himself”. There literally hundreds and hundreds of examples of this happening, and hundreds of examples of big names failing as managers. Don’t buy the hype
  6. I spoke to former City striker Tony Thorpe to find out more about his time with us and his career. He spoke about the various managers he played under, including Tony Pulis and Danny Wilson, as well as extensively about the players he played with and why they didn't quite make it back to the Championship. Shares/thoughts etc welcome as always - thank you Link here: http://theexiledrobin.org/2020/07/tonythorpe-exclusive/
  7. ‪NEW: An exclusive interview with City hero Aden Flint. City’s too scorer of the 2010s and arguably our player of the 2010’s? His thoughts on Cotterill, LJ, the Swindon fans who abuse him, his favourite moments from his time at Bristol City & how an injury helped redefine his career‬. PS he still loves Bristol! https://theexiledrobin.org/2020/04/adenflint-exclusive/
  8. I’ve teamed up with @caringinbristol to arrange a football ‘kit’ collection for Bristol’s homeless #BristolCity. Please bring any old hats, scarves, gloves, jackets along ON SATURDAY VS HUDDERSFIELD & drop off at the back of the Lansdown Stand between 1pm-2:45pm Full details below - please share on any other forums/pages you’re a part of. Thank you!
  9. Lee Johnson on Monday Night Club: Using the loan market, injuries and how Ian Wright told Nketiah to join Leeds Lee Johnson appeared on Radio 5 Live’s Monday Night Club with Mark Chapman tonight. Here is a rough transcript of the interview #BristolCity: Full interview here: http://theexiledrobin.org/2019/09/ian-wright-told-nketiah-to-join-leeds/
  10. Could it be argued that Lee Tomlin was actually the most important? https://theexiledrobin.org/2019/09/citys-most-important-signing/
  11. Yep, sounds like a Data Breach, Very poor practice. If you wanted to complain they'd probably get a rap over the knuckles from the ICO and an advisory note on improving their processes.
  12. Kalas won't reach anything like £30m - he's a very very decent top half Championship defender, possibly lower third of Prem, but hasn't got the potential (or Englishness) of Webster, Kelly or others who have gone big.
  13. My take on the overall summer transfer window, including today's shocks and movements - it's been bold one way or another, that's for sure! http://theexiledrobin.org/2019/08/johnsonsgamble/
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