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  1. Which in truth, has not worked
  2. For whom ? Why would you be embarrassed?
  3. The pig headed and Stubbornness on here is unreal. It aint going to happen but Christ look at his success rate
  4. So Mark Ashton relieves Lee Johnson and Dean Holden who Lee brought in, takes over as Caretaker . Oh the irony. They should ALL be shown the f***** door!
  5. "Bristol City lose badly and shock horror fans who frequent the OTIB forum decide to post their grievance against the Head Coach.............." People will obviously point the finger at him and vent their spleen here What the hell do you expect OP ?
  6. He never takes responsibility. Who can forget that hammering we had by Preston and the players stumped up the cash for the away fans. Johnson certainly didnt put himself forward for any blame on that one
  7. Neither can LJ but he's still here Bugger what everyone else says. Cotterill was shat on from a great height. 5 months in the Championship and unceremoniously given to boot with a very fast replacement which was no doubt planned a long time in advance
  8. Don't talk utter nonsense. Cotterill had nowhere near the amount of money Johnson has had to spend.
  9. i thought this post was going to be about Alan Brazil
  10. you are talking about modern Bristol City fans arent you ? Even when its going well its like a Morgue. And when its shite its hardly any different bar the game against Brentford where boo's could be heard. The only griping you hear is on this forum or facebook and even then the fans go to the games. those that don't are minimal
  11. Barnsley weren't a poor side but considering how people keep going on how we are only 1 point outside the play offs, we'll use that analogy shall we? the table doesn't lie. Barnsley are down there for a reason and despite evidence our side trying, it was hard work getting those three points and not convincing whatsoever. Like most of our wins this season. A scraped 1-0 win against a struggling side that financially has no clout whatsoever. Evidence on here proves far too many are happy with that than look at the bigger picture. One reason why this club will possible never go up
  12. Yeah...lets fill the place with apathy instead
  13. One thing i'll say about him is he is VERY immature Today at the final whistle he walked towards the Barnsley fans, applauded them then did the celebratory punching celebration towards them. This on top of many other childish things he's got involved in. The man is supposed to be a Manager/ head coach not think like fan or player
  14. That depends on who goes for him first
  15. I've just seen the clip. Talk about embarrassing. Not the first time either
  16. he is better than Wright in my opinion
  17. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7538813/Vincent-Kompany-targeting-Ashley-Williams-bolster-struggling-Anderlecht-side.html
  18. Im talking about our history. for the size of the City we have had the poorest history out of all clubs from major Cities. Fact And we have to listen to the same reasons and its acceptance .
  19. Change the bloody Management then ffs. Burnley managed it on less money. So did Huddersfield...and bournemouth...and Cardiff .... If you arent able to spend money or rather choose not to spend money then get someone can manage with those restraints.
  20. This Ladies and Gentleman is the reason why this club has never or will never really truly get anywhere. The acceptance of average mediocrity and apathy.
  21. Yep...and ive NEVER changed my mind Seriously.......
  22. In an ideal World West Brom will enquire
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