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  1. Baker - Keep 1 Year Deal Mariappa - Gone Rowe -Gone Hunt- Gone Watkins- Gone Walsh - Keep 2 Year Deal Simpson- Keep 1 Year Deal Gilmartin - coach in academy? Lansbury- Gone Fam - Gone Weimann - Keep on existing 1 Yr extension Paterson- Gone Adelukan - Gone Wollacot- Release
  2. Couldn't agree more. I remember Bobby Hutchinson as captain at AG. He was never the greatest player, but an absolute leader of men who drove us on and led by example in every way.
  3. I agree with a lot of what Gregor has said about us and Brentford. There was a time when we were just a small step behind them. Both clubs made good profits in the last five years; the difference being they have recruited better since selling on their stars- why is that? Although there are parallels to be drawn their are also distinct differences that should be recognised. 1. The London factor- Living in London is a big draw for many players; Bristol by comparison is seen as a sleepy backwater. Fringe players from bigger London clubs are also more likely to agree a loan to Brentford as opposed to upping sticks to Bristol. 2. Academy. This should be our strength by comparison as we have few competing set ups in our region. We have the facilities now to optimise this and to attract better senior players to play alongside our burgeoning pool of young talent. 3. Manager. Simply put Brentford have made excellent appointments in recent years. I am however confident we now have the right man in Pearson to take us forward again.
  4. Simpson + Downing next - That experiment hasn't worked either.
  5. Wow can't believe you wouldn't mind losing a player of his class- maybe not captain material but a great player for me.
  6. He has been really good in some games and still has potential to devlope further.
  7. From my perspective. Bentley Kalas Vyner Dasilva Bakinson Massengo Williams Walsh Semenyo Paterson Weimann. + Younger players as yet untried. That's about it. O'Dowda and Palmer at a push!
  8. So poor we can't watch it live. Wouldn't happen at other clubs!
  9. Just want to thank Steve Lansdown for listening to the supporters. Thanks, if the reports are to be believed its Pearson, for going out and getting a proven manager and not wasting time over it. Time we don't have if we are going to turn around a fast sinking ship. Credit where its due.
  10. Agreed part of the problem not the Solution
  11. Used to drive it regularly as a rep. Poole isn't Bournemouth - there is much more traffic on the road - there are so many speed limits and Saturdays are always much clearer. You clearly were hammering it to do it in 1 15 and just impossible in an hour! Unless you went by helicopter.
  12. If you think Bournemouth is an hour from Bristol you clearly have never done the journey- 2hrs on one of the worst road networks imaginable.
  13. Here are my thought for what it's worth. Negatives 1. Living on Guernsey as he does SL needs a powerful CEO to run the club day to day. Ashton is capable and works hard but is paid too much and has too much influence in deciding managers + players to employ. He has got it completely wrong on too many occasions. The appointment of Holden was a complete disaster. 2. We have departed recently from purchasing players with further potential to signing 30 +journeymen on fat wages. 3.We continue to be perceived as a nice club but with a soft underbelly. 4.SL is risk averse, which is probably why he is so wealthy, but we nearly always end up employing a cheaper second rate manager without the experience or ruthelesnes to take on Ashton or make the necessary demands of the players. 5 There is something drastically wrong in our physio/medical department. 6. It's very tough under ffp to compete with clubs with parachute payments. This will only change if we can somehow manage to get into the prem ourselves, even if it's only for one season Positives 1. We are now an established Championship club with a superb ground, training facilities and academy that it starting to produce many talented young players. We regularly attract crowds of 20,000. This is a massive leap from from where we were in the 80's with crowds of 8,000 and we were yoyoing between League 1 and The Championship. This ia all down to the investment of SL. 2.SL is still massively passionate about the club. He cares and the new training facilities should push the club closer towards the goal. I Can see city in future years yoyoing between The Premiership and Championship in a similar vein to say Norwich City. If we had only won our one visit to the play off final, I think that's where we would be now. The limit of our potential would be something like Leicester City. 3. We just need to make the right appointment. If we can start to make the play offs, on the law of averages we will make the leap to the prem if only for one season and then become one of the parachute payment clubs that can get back up much more easily. There is then reason to hope we can become a Brighton or previously Bournemouth and stay there for a few seasons. Conclusion. This next appointment is critical. The appointment of Eddie Howe would be a master stroke and would give me massive grounds for optimism. The appointment of Paul Cook would be give me real hope of making the play offs in the next couple of years The appointment of someone like Ryan Lowe would be similair to Lee Johnson. We might make the play offs if we are lucky. The appointment of someone like Michael Appleton would convince me Ashton has too much control and would not fill me with confidence. Over to you Steve and thanks for all you have done, we really appreciate it
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