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  1. https://www.freesportsforall.ml/2021/09/anthony-joshua-vs-oleksandr-usyk.html
  2. streams are always on https://reddt1.soccerstreams.net/event/middlesbrough-bristol-city-live-stream/672761 Good idea to get adblock
  3. So you've decided not to answer my question because we both know what your answer would be and that it goes against everything you're saying. Rather than avoiding questions like you, I'll answer your question. The responsibility is split between management and players. Was LJ the reason Bentley was at fault for goals at Blackburn? Obviously not, it's Bentley's fault hence why he was dropped. Is LJ tactics the reason why some players don't perform, yes. Do players have no responsibility?
  4. You made this exact same point already which I responded to. Would you keep the team the exact team same despite a very poor individual and team performance?
  5. We've used 31 players which is the 6th highest in the division; 'one of the highest' is a bit of a reach. The average number of players used per club this season is 28.79. If you then look at the players this includes for us Marlon Pack (1 app - 90 minutes), Liam Walsh (1 app - 90 minutes) & Matty Taylor (1 app - 10 minutes), we're actually about average for 'number of players used this season' and none of the aforementioned players would have an effect on 'consistency' especially considering they would've left within the first month of the season. Even the likes of Szmodics (4 apps - 179 minutes), Rodri (6 apps - 151 minutes) Semenyo & Henriksen who are all included have had little game time to have made an effect on consistency. Changing 7 players would be ridiculous if there were no logical reasons for the changes however, there are reasons. A very poor performance and with players returning from injuries/fitness, changes were the right move to be made.
  6. It doesn't though does it. Maenpaa for Bentley - Bentley had a very poor game Hunt for Pedro - Pedro is injured. Dasilva for Rowe - Rowe was opted for Blackburn to try and combat the height. Dasilva is the first choice left back and has been since he came back from injury. Williams for Kalas - Same above. Kalas was very poor and has been for most of the season due to injuries. Williams & Baker have been good together. Weimann, Wells & Afobe have all been injured/not 100% to start or last >60 minutes or unavailable so couldn't realistically start vs Blackburn.
  7. So this evening they announced they have a manager for the development of The Colony training facilities, and a few hours later they announced they've let their prized asset go. Seems like a few fans on Gaschat knew it was all a smokescreen. Wonder if they're going to sell Lockyer for a few new toilets
  8. Pressing so well and it's making them play a lot of long balls. Great tactical decision by the team and well done to the players for themselves so well so far. Keep it up boys!
  9. 4-1-4-1 but when we attack it'll be of a 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 with Brownhill, Pato, O'Dowda pushing up and supporting attacks. Don't see any problem this, just that some people like to be negative. Fulham will have the majority of the ball but it's about staying compact and countering quickly when we get it. Most teams actually defend in 4-1-4-1 nowadays
  10. Will be a 4-1-4-1. Good decision imo. We know they will have a lot of the ball with full backs pushing on so we want to hit them on the counter
  11. Yeh I seem to remember people mentioning him. He had two good seasons in League Two with Exeter but didn't quite cut it in his first year with Peterborough in League One. Wouldn't surprise me if he did a job at Rovers though.
  12. Wael has splashed his billions Matty Taylor cash on striker Tom Nichols from Peterborough (formerly of Exeter) for around 180k-200k
  13. Two more signings for them, one of which was sacked from Leicester for his role in a sex tape when they toured Thailand.
  14. New 5 year deal for the dog shagger http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40366579
  15. I know the groundsman at Rovers and he sent me this. I hope this isn't the famous sprinklers they talk about
  16. I'll certainly buy a copy. I was born in the mid 90s so I haven't even seen much hooliganism and it's always something that's interested me. I know a few lads who have been involved with it a few years ago but I don't have any first had experience or viewing. Will be interesting to see the goings on and how it all unfolded etc.
  17. According to Twitter it's a 5-2-1-2 but I think Magnusson will go LB and it will be a 4231 / 4411 like we usually play
  18. Where is this going to be sold? Definitely will buy it as it's something that's always interested me.
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