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  1. It's normally bad in the Dolman but seems even worse when a hand held mic. is used, practically inaudible. I was sat in the Lansdown for the open training and could hear every word.
  2. Well, because during the close season, there is a certain amount of stadium maintenance done. The speakers might have been on the list, but obviously not.
  3. Terrible still in the Dolman. No improvement at all, just the same as previous seasons. Is it a case of "it doesn't matter about them as long as the corporates can hear". If ever there was an emergency I don’t know what would happen. Please sort it out!
  4. Thank you, but don't think that's right.
  5. I went to the training session today but don't remember seeing Nahki Wells. Was he there? Also, who was the short grey haired past player? I know the others but can't place him.
  6. Used to have an Ice Cream van down our street on a Sunday afternoon.
  7. Yes, but apart from that, he's a jolly nice chap.
  8. Very unlike you Dave, your grammar is usually spot on. Are you drunk?
  9. Another one. Who does he play for?
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