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  1. I'd rather they were together. Big gap down the middle.
  2. But not good enough recently. Deserves to be dropped and if necessary come on later in the game. He's lethargic, not his fault, just the way he is.
  3. Remind me, what else did he do in that game. If you're happy with a slow odd flick on striker then I'm happy for you. Me, I expect more.
  4. We've missed Martin for 2 or 3 games now. Nothing new.
  5. Because the manager is obviously not seeing what we see. Pearson hasn't convinced me from day one.
  6. Well, I take exception to you not spelling proud correctly.
  7. Hi Chris. Good second half today, keep it up.
  8. I think that Martin is deceptive. He's slower than he looks.
  9. So everybody has to bow to your greater knowledge and opinion do they? You've got your opinions, I've got mine. Live with it!
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