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  1. The answer to your topic question is that the posts must not exceed 5 inches. The rest of this topic is irrelevant.
  2. Yes, It's surprising how far it goes at times.
  3. Happy with this if true. Now that we have a "proper medic", he should be available a lot more. Good player.
  4. Desso


    Well, I thought he was banned a while ago, but I could be wrong. Sometimes, his posts could be a bit random but funny as well.
  5. Desso


    Is Tommy, the Swedish guy, still banned. Haven't seen his posts lately.
  6. Why? You could just ignore them if they trouble you that much.
  7. Do they still hand out business cards for counselling?
  8. Still trying to work out what qualifies John Terry as a coach Well, he always had a good engine.
  9. I hate these kind of threads. They're much ado about nothing.
  10. I'll bet the winner was someone attached or closely linked to the club.
  11. Reading the title, I thought he had something wrong with his back.
  12. Desso

    All Quiet

    Things seem to be a bit quiet. Wonder if NP is on holiday like the players.
  13. NPs assistant I've heard.
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