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  1. Give it a rest John. Your bias against the local media is boring.
  2. Hey CR, not thinking of becoming an Ipswich fan are you?
  3. Stick the announcer on the screens? Not a good idea. You'd want a load of glue and it would ruin the screens.
  4. Thanks for that Mark. I may have missed it in the past, but this is the first "official" explanation I've seen. Not much detail but better than nothing. I don't think that anyone would expect to have a top of the range Premier League system costing hundreds of thousands of pounds, but surely there are cheaper, more basic systems around. We just want to hear what is being announced. Not too much to ask surely.
  5. Agreed, but this is something that irks a lot of supporters and has been going on for years without a satisfactory explanation.
  6. If the club gave megaphones to 3 or 4 people to make announcements in front of the Dolman, that would be a vast improvement on what we have now. Perhaps we should have a whip round.
  7. I don't know what we're moaning about really. As long as the Lansdown Stand (including the corporates) can hear it, why should they worry about us?
  8. That's ridiculous. Look at the money that's been spent since then. Surely a bit of it could have gone towards an upgrade. It's obvious now, that there is some mysterious reason why it's being ignored. Frustrating to say the least.
  9. I posted after the Swansea game that it sounded better, but on Saturday in the Dolman, it was back to normal....rubbish again. The club (Richard Gould) said he would do something about it, well let's hope it's not been forgotten. Tin hat firmly on.
  10. Are we getting better? In my opinion, very marginally. Still not good to watch, very little exciting football and no flair without Scott. I'm a season ticket holder, but if I wasn't, would I pay £30 to watch that? No way! I can see the POTD people getting less and less in future. Great pity.
  11. I started this thread to find out who a past poster (Arn) was. Apparently he was related to a previous major shareholder. Still no wiser.
  12. Red, you're a hard, hard man. So you're a banker. I must have misheard.
  13. Well, I'm still a shareholder but a modest amount.
  14. Before SL, who was majority shareholder?
  15. Paul Gascoigne. How's it going Paul, still enjoying a glass or two?
  16. Gary Johnson's brother?
  17. Dave, I listen without fail to your podcasts and always enjoy them. I even enjoy listening to Ian Gay and agree with most of what he says. One of your usual speakers, can't recall which one, always sounds as if he's reading from a script which detracts from it a bit, but overall a very enjoyable hours listen. Keep it up.
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