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  1. I would have preferred the Manager had told me and not find out on the forum.
  2. do you mean Working Class?
  3. time was set by beacons ie big fires that took two minuets to be seen by the next beacon who lit there's
  4. Can we just drop the angst no one seems to be winning and just go back to the topic,
  5. we used to make our own from other peoples throw away's I had some weird ones
  6. they were what you call daps or probably trainers these days guess its down to the area you grew up in
  7. can you tell where to buy pumps these days
  8. she became prime minister in 1979 and so I would say she messed up the 80's
  9. surely that was Custer and I am being serious
  10. first game I've won in years.
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