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  1. Was staying in Carlisle that weekend as i got married in Gretna Green a couple of days later and i can tell you it wasn't 20 years it was 23 years.
  2. I am of the opposite opinion in that had we gone up we would of ended up messing it up and buying players that were not up to it on high wages which we would then had trouble shifting after the inevitable Relegation.
  3. That would take an amazing amount of self control with the likes of Stroud, Linnington, Ward and Davies!
  4. Tight shorts and far to good looking to be a footballer if I remember correctly. Get well soon John
  5. One things for certain once identified and found guilty he will be doing porridge
  6. Dennis Waterman. Terry from Minder, George Carter from the Sweeney. A excellent actor. Rip Dennis
  7. Saw him play in a friendly at Welton Rovers for Oxford on a cold Wednesday night to celebrate Welton's new floodlights a couple of months before he signed for us. He was competitive and a total professional in that match. Great signing.
  8. Keepers dropping to their knees for no good reason and lying on the ball to waste time bugs the hell out of me
  9. Lets not forget Ralph Milne's important winner in the 90th minute at York. If he hadn't scored that the season and play off hopes were gone. Instead we squeezed into the play offs
  10. Not easy for you to post but done with dignity. condolences to you and your family
  11. Warnock was saying he had to get out of Middlesborough because he had problems off the pitch and staying there wasn't an option hence the loan.
  12. Spot on Mendip. I remember him coming back to Ashton Gate as assistant Bournemouth manager and just getting a polite ripple of appaulse when he was walking into the Ayteo stand changing rooms after the warm up. Other returning players who hadn't given a tenth of his loyalty have been given hero's receptions doing the same walk.
  13. Understand where you're coming from Tom but GJ next two clubs after us were Peterborough and Northampton and he failed miserably at both
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