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  1. I miss @Esmond Million's Bung on the politics section. He/ she never took any prisoners. No posts for over 2 years so hope he/she is well
  2. I wonder how he will celebrate when he inevitably scores against us?
  3. Ken Hutchinson. Scottish actor who was in The Sweeney and Sweeney 2 film back in the seventies . Minder in the 80s and football related children programme Murphy's mob
  4. Apologies perhaps I should have make my point clearer. I was talking about million pound player's like Engvall and Walsh both bought by the previous manager who never really fancied them and loaned them out or put them on the bench. The current manager has not got that privilege and will not get that privilege and seemly will have to cobble together a bargain basement team unlike the previous manager.
  5. Totally different circumstances then. The previous manager was afforded the luxury of spending millions on players who then either sat on the bench or were loaned out. The current manager has not got that privilege.
  6. Terrible news always enjoyed his contribution. Thoughts with his family and friends
  7. He's been a customer at the business I work in for a number of years and when he is in he has no ego and is respectful of my colleagues and the service we provide.
  8. Rip Terry. Usually going to Ashton Gate you would think are we going to win today? Not in Cooper's era it would be how many are we going to win by.
  9. Interesting that all the outfield player had the Robin and suspension bridge badge but Ray Cashley's badge was the Bristol cost of arms
  10. Probably just brought up in a different era than yourself
  11. Don't really mind what they wear to be honest but those massive headphones drive me nuts
  12. If they sell Kieffer Moore there could be something in this.
  13. This Is not just this generation of England player. They have been donating the match fees to charity for at least the last thirty years.
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