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  1. Which would you choose? For me it has to be promotion to the Premier League every time. Although it would be amazing for my county to win a major trophy after all this time, my club playing in the top league after almost 30 years of support would mean more.
  2. I decided after last weekend not to bother wasting £10 on something that was bringing me no joy whatsoever. Is anybody still splashing the cash on this shower of shit?
  3. You can get 7/2 on some sites. Regardless of our form that is good odds especially when you consider the Millwall result.
  4. Well I actually missed a payment about 3 months ago and had a threatening letter so say that my season ticket would be cancelled and my seat sold to someone else. The best bit was they sent the same email to about 100 other people all with there email addresses visible. I thought about reporting it as a breach of GDPR as I was pretty pissed off at the time!
  5. The cold never bothered me anyway!
  6. I really hope with all my heart that both the people on board are found alive, but if the worst should be confirmed, I would really like to see The Gate lit blue again for one night as a mark of respect.
  7. Have tried to find it but with no success Have also come up with CNT 64S - not a very nice smell, but can't find that either
  8. Similar to my previous one but W3 8 GAS
  9. What would be a prized number plate for a city fan to own? Here's a few I have come up with: BS15 CTY WE08 GAS GA5 5HIT Any more?
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