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  1. I quite like the stuff in the video. I'm not going to buy any of it. Which is my choice. However, my two boys (11 & 13) both like the tops. Which is the age range I would imagine it is likely to sell to the most. Could be cheaper I'm sure. But I'd rather they were wearing something half decent with City on it. Rather than the same PL shirt dross every other kids seems to wear. I think the design and the quality (from the look of the video) looks decent. As I (kinda) work in the fashion sector, yes there is a big mark up on those prices. But thats the way the industry works for various reasons.
  2. My cousin took me ... stood in the old East End. Think played Oxford and won 2-0 or 2-1
  3. Are the Euros allowing brother/sister teams this year?
  4. Assuming his hamstrings were ok of course
  5. Liked him on Robins TV (from time to time). But think it is best for all that he moves on. Personally I would rather see City have a handful of 10/10 staff than a lot of 4-7/10 staff. Bought in because they know some people in Ireland .... FFS.
  6. I wonder if the plan is to have the whole back room operations staffed by ex footballers? Would be quite a thing? Imagine new signings to the team. "Yeah I see myselft as a right back, who can play a number of positions. Plus Im quite handy with Excel"
  7. Looks like its a Cricket shirt
  8. J'ai repéré après avoir posté, mes excuses.
  9. How long were you tracking them?
  10. It should be en masse its French
  11. It's nearly as if hiring inexperienced people for important rolls is a bad idea
  12. If you were a player at Ipswich, or the agent of a player there. You would be bricking next season
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